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It was raining and we needed a breakfast place. There is a PELITA inside Tesco Ipoh. Thus we decided to go to Pelita for breakfast followed by a Tesco shopping trip. Honestly, amongst nasi kandar fans, Pelita is hardly mentioned as a top ten places for nasi kandar, even in Penang. However, it is perfect as I do not need to carry my baby daughter with an umbrella and thus risk ‘raindrops keep falling on her head.’ Yes, you can guess my age already but I am not from that generation. I merely love oldies, that’s all. Haha.

wpid-IMG_20140111_091205.jpgThe Nasi Lemak is quite presentable, half an egg and I tell you the highlight. Its sambal was rich in flavour and has the spicy kick in it! The fried anchovies are still as crispy as needed. The Roti Bawang is just so-so. I think they forgotten to bring to me and it was cold by the time it was presented to me. The staff who attended to us was however quite amazing. There were 6 of us and nearly everyone ordered different things. He did not even write down a single word! All the orders came correctly without any mistake. Amazing.
Oh yeah, they said, save the best for last. How about the coffee? I have to tell you, when you say something last, maybe thats because you do not have anything good to say. The coffee was tasteless to say the least. I think they should not reuse the coffee powder too many times. I cannot believe that besides another restaurant which I frequent nearby my house which has a zero standard for coffee, this Pelita actually comes close. Hello, we are talking about coffee standard in Ipoh.
Would I go again, well, if it rains and I do not wish to be too inconvenienced, then yes. I would not order the coffee again, for sure.
written on 11th jan 2014
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  1. I noticed that the coffee, milo and etc, they get ready in a big kettle. When customer order it, then give a cup to customer just less than 1-2 minute. This is how Penang practise, not sure whether your place in this way. That why i think the taste is “run away”. While most customer order that roti canai favorite, they cook a lot then keep it. Sometime will feel “cold” when eat. I ordered the roti tissue at Tesco Penang, get shock that the roti tissue look tall than 2x from other mamak. Hehe, the food is so so, but when i want a fast quick lunch or dinner which could settle in 5-10 minute when i at Tesco, i will choose this.

  2. I think for me a year about 2-3 times. Previously (Before year 2012), i eaten about 10 times ++ per year. Haha, after read the article known that mamak curry is very oily which harm to heart (i like put curry basah basah on rice), then i seldom take nasi kandar 😛

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