Biggest stock decline in 87 years is definitely a shock

A good friend told me that he just bought 10,000 units of a dividend stock 2 weeks ago. I think this is the right way to go. If we are still looking at the stock market for quick wins, it may also be a quick loss too. Then, this news appeared today:  US faces biggest […]

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Important sign for the property market too; BANKS’ results

When banks are earning higher profits, that’s good for all industries, right? Basic idea, yes. This is because in a bad economy, businesses will not be borrowing too much for expansion. Banks will also be really selective as they do not want their Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) to go up because there will be some borrowers […]

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Crest Builder: Higher sales, higher profits (good sign for industry)

If we ask our real estate negotiator friends, nearly all would tell us that it’s harder to sell to prospective buyers these days. So, is the property market in trouble? Asking the first-time home buyer or even the ones who are still waiting to buy may not yield the best answer. It’s better to look […]

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Suing Fox for RM4.19 billion. Market capitalisation dropped RM4.89 billion.

Everytime I visit Genting Highlands, I could see the progress of their upcoming new theme park, Fox World. An earlier article here: Genting Highland’s Sky Avenue  I think I will have to wait for a much longer time for the theme park to be opened. Genting Highland has filed a suit of US$1bil suit against Walt Disney […]

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Property stocks may now be in favour? Value vs price.

If we love property but we think we need to save more before buying one, how about using some of that savings to buy the property developers instead? It does not need to be RM50,000 downpayment in this case because buying 1,000 units of S P Setia Berhad will need just RM2,160. Based on an […]

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It is not the trust, it is the unknown elements which may be a risk.

Yesterday, I had lunch with a successful insurance agency branch manager who’s semi-retired and his ex-team lead. Of course the conversation could not run away from election and the stock market. It was a volatile Monday as it was the opening of a market after the change of government. I said that it will take […]

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When sentiment turns positive … plus good fundamental.

Need positive stories, quotes and even videos? As at 11th May 2018, there are a lot of these on Facebook of Malaysians. For non-Malaysians, it’s time to have at least a few Malaysian friends. Haha. Okay, coming back to business. The Malaysian stock market will end higher in less than a month or perhaps longer […]

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KWAP goes local, stocks tumble in the US and ‘please don’t resign’ news.

I happened to read Financial Daily today. Take a look at the front page. Usually, the most interesting news would be highlighted on the front page. First up is the biggest one with photo. ‘KWAP GOES LOCAL.’  Basically what this tells us is that the KWAP pension fund thinks the domestic property market offers better […]

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Economy? Bubble? Look at banks, just numbers.

Is the Malaysian economy in trouble? Depends on who you ask these days. One end says it is about to collapse. Another side says this is the strongest ever. Well, whether about to collapse or the strongest ever, life goes on for most working Malaysians like me. I still have to work hard and hope […]

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Stock market is still attractive for me.

I read a good article about the state of the stock market. In brief, it gives a frank overview cum assessment of where the stock market stands against all the other competing investments (for our money since it’s limited). Here’s that article by Ben Shane Lim in Cover Story: When the stock market can’t […]

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