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Penang Property

Chinese buyers love to buy properties in Malaysia. What’s next?

A friend asked me if the Chinese investors love Malaysian properties, what does that mean to the property market? Erm… nothing. What can Malaysian investors do in order to capitalise on the interest of Chinese investors? Erm… nothing much. Reason is these Chinese investors are categorised as foreign property buyers. Thus the type of properties they could buy would be easily RM1 million or higher depending on state.

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Penang Property

Bigger homes, better environment definitely

I have asked this question during many of my talks. “What is the minimum size for a home which you will feel comfortable with?” The answers have yet to be 450 sq ft and below. It’s 450 sq ft or higher. I do think for Malaysians, we would always be able to find such space in our homes except if we only want to stay in certain engihbourhoods.

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