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Penang mainland, Penang island

Lots of property choices under “Pay Later, Buy Now” by IOI Properties

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If you are looking for a property from a reputable developer and you want to secure a property while accumulating the downpayment, here’s one programme for you. IOI Properties launched…


REHDA Penang has reduced property prices by 6-10 percent. Hooray!

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Sales and Service Tax (SST) has started. There has been a few car models including BMW which has announced lower prices with the SST compared to previously. The good news…

Penang Property Convention 2018. FREE for Early Birds.

Posted in Property Penang, and Starting Property Investing

Taking Miichael’s words, ‘Learning about property investment is extremely important before we start. This is one event that everyone should not miss.’  Now, for my own sentence. Yes, I am…

Property sales may suffer when it’s hillslopes and flood prone areas

Posted in Penang Properties (Island), and Property Penang

We have often been reading about the Klang Valley property market. Here’s one recent one: High end KL condos, future looks brighter? More units coming  Do we know what’s happening with…

Property market “moving sideways” but launching RM4.05b of GDV in H2 2018

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Do you know that you can buy S P Setia for RM2.80 today? Not the whole company yeah but one tiny part of it. I meant 1 unit of their…

Penang’s LRT plans vs Tram proposal. Let the best option wins for Penangites.

Posted in HSR MRT n other Ts, and Property Penang

Just a week or so ago, I wrote about the fact that financing, constructing and behaviour changing are three different things. Here’s that article:Financing, constructing and behaviour changing.Three different things…

Financing, constructing and behaviour changing. Three different things really.

Posted in HSR MRT n other Ts, and Property Penang

I am a supporter of Penang’s Transport Master Plan (PTMP). No one is going to like to invest into Penang if they face traffic jams on a daily basis as…

It’s not as easy as Airbnb. Especially when it’s a ‘resi’

Posted in Iskandar / JB Property, Property Penang, Property Sabah, and Property, KL / Selangor

In Penang, my good friend who’s a real estate negotiator always point to me that ‘this condo cannot do Airbnb’ or that condo cannot do ‘Airbnb.’ Well, I think it’s…

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