Largest aquarium brand in the world is coming to Malaysia.

Information from wikipedia: “Sea Life Centres are a chain of commercial sealife-themed attractions. As of April 2017 there are 53 Sea Life attractions (including standalone Sea Life centres, mini Sea Life features within resort theme parks, and Legoland submarine rides) around the world. The chain is owned by the British company, Merlin Entertainments.”  Somehow, despite the 53 centres all over the world, there’s […]

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Another exciting excitement entering Medini, Johor.

If life is all about work, work and work some more and no play, I think it’s better to stop working and start enjoying instead. Haha. Actually, it’s the same for property development. Townships where there are just houses, houses and more houses will not do, not anymore. Perhaps we used to have a mall […]

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RM8 billion more investments into Johor in 2019

One of the latest updates about Iskandar Johor was in an earlier article here. It’s about RTS, flights and ferry Let’s just say that for me, the catalyst for future growth between both Johor and Singapore would have to be the Rail Transit System (RTS). As for property needs, here’s an earlier article.: Johor needs many more […]

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Focus on more connectivity, not just Yes or No for the crooked bridge

I am all for developments (responsibly) and I am all for connectivity (necessity). Without these two, nothing much happens and we do not need to talk about helping the B40 households for example.  With regards to the never ending debates about the crooked bridge, perhaps it’s best to stop all the rhetorics about whether or […]

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Third bridge welcomed, crooked bridge can wait.

I favour more connectivities between Johor (JB) and Singapore (SG). Both sides would benefit and it’s totally untrue that only one side will benefit (whichever side you want to look at it from). I went pass the immigration just 3 weeks ago, trust me, with better connectivity, less time is wasted and economic benefits will […]

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Cut prices please, Mr. Developer? Well…

This is an interesting view from a property industry observer about the property prices here in Malaysia. The full article is in here: Developers must cut profits to lower property prices.  Basically, in order to reduce the price of properties, the developers must cut their profit margins. “This is the only component of development costs […]

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Stimulus to revitalise the property market?

Remember the recent confusion about foreign buyers of property in Malaysia? Here is a strong view from Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents immediate past-president Siva Shanker, “I think our property market has been in a negative territory for so many years now. The thing to do is to introduce stimulus, not restrictions, even at Forest City. When […]

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No loss of jobs even with HSR KL – SG postponement; over 100 specialists on SG side

In case everyone wants to know the direction of the property market, please look at the job market. This is the reason why property prices in cities are increasing because everyone’s looking for jobs in the cities instead of staying in the small towns and villages after they have graduated. When more jobs are being […]

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4 reasons why Chinese buyers love to buy homes in Johor

Anyone here thinking about buying properties overseas? Well, if I were to buy into another foreign country, these 4 would be my reasons. (in order of preference currently).  Are yours the same as mine? Please refer below: 1. Stable government (Very positive currently) 2. Vibrant property market (Growing, importantly) 3. Continuous economic growth (Investment Grade […]

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Working in SG. Buying in JB? Considerations.

My sister’s college friend who’s working in Singapore asked me if he should buy a certain ‘luxury’ condo in Johor Bahru. The price starts from below RM1 million to over RM1 million but there are now rebates being given. Completion is a few years away and it’s a 99-year leasehold property. Total car parks given […]

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