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KL Wellness City
ABCs of Property Investment

KL Wellness City (KLWC) – 9 Important Things We Need to Know

Malaysia is a very popular destination for medical tourism. In 2019 alone, Malaysia received 1.3 million medical tourists. (Info Source: It means non-Malaysians travel to Malaysia to get great medical care and doing things a tourist do as well. Visiting interesting places, eating amazing food and enjoying the sights, sounds and our beautiful country.

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ABCs of Property Investment

Renting News: When ‘neighbour’ increased the rental, I will follow too. Does it happen like this?

If rental in KL city centre increased very quickly, people may rent at the fringes of KL city centre. If the whole KL city is very expensive, people will rent homes with a Selangor address. This is common and this is why prices always rise from the place with the most demand first. When the supply can no longer keep up, the supply would have to be expanded somehow. Else, the rental will increase until the market collapses. Either people stop coming to KL to work since rental is just too high or the owners start to reduce rental voluntarily. 🙂

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China and Hong Kong Property related

Johor to receive RM80 billion worth of FDI from China

This was the recent article which was about 19 MOUs valued at RM170 billion after PM Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s visit to China. RM170 billion investments with 19 MOUs signed with China As briefly touched on, it is now up to all the relevant ministers to follow up this very closely. All these investments would carry multiplier effects. So, if there’s an investment of RM170 billion, there is a potential multiplier effect to the economy of 4 times and that’s RM680 billion. This is why the ministers must really do their job well.

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Iskandar / JB Property

Senai Airport City aiming for RM4.5 billion GDV

Senai Airport will always be playing second fiddle to the Singapore Changi Airport. Let’s face the facts. However… Senai Airport is also next to Singapore and is therefore also another gateway into Singapore. Please note that in the future, flying into JB and then taking the Rail Transit System (RTS) into Singapore is a mere 5 minutes ride yeah. Meanwhile Senai Airport into the JB city centre is less than 30 minutes. Now, this sirport will be complemented by the Senai Airport City development. What is this development about?

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