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Ipoh, Cameron Highlands, Sitiawan, Lumut

Cameron Highlands, a heavy downpour and the power of nature

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I think I go up Cameron Highlands twice per year. When I posted an article about Cameron Highlands the other day, it was clicked and viewed by a surprisingly large…


Sometimes, the transacted price may not be the median price.

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Are property prices on a downtrend for the past few years? Depending on who we ask, some will tell us that prices are dropping. They will give quite a number…

Yes, it’s up for sale. Perak MB’s residence. 5.3 hectares, how much?

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I was in Ipoh this weekend to give a talk for REHDA Perak’s Mapex 2018. (Click here to know more) Then someone mentioned to me that there is a huge…

MAPEX Perak 2018: Choices, freely. Comparisons, easily. Learning from speakers, free.

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Decisions are not usually made without any potential comparisons. A good friend just asked me about two potential properties. I asked her to go and talk to the sales people…

Expert Series – Why Retirement Homes, Why Ipoh? – Part 1

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Readers of knows that I am an Ipohan. A proud one as well. Frankly, I will definitely retire in Ipoh. However, I am nowhere near the retirement age yet.…

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