Cameron Highlands, a heavy downpour and the power of nature

I think I go up Cameron Highlands twice per year. When I posted an article about Cameron Highlands the other day, it was clicked and viewed by a surprisingly large number of people. I guess Cameron Highlands is a favourite place of many. Here’s that article: Cameron Highland and the over 10,000 cars per day!  […]

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10,000 cars in Cameron Highlands during holidays. WOW.

I love Cameron Highlands. It’s relaxing and well, there’s always new things to see when we visit it once or twice per year. Beyond just the cactus or the sweet corn, the view from BOH Sungai Palas tea centre is good enough to fool some friends that I went overseas. 🙂  Okay, now for the […]

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Sometimes, the transacted price may not be the median price.

Are property prices on a downtrend for the past few years? Depending on who we ask, some will tell us that prices are dropping. They will give quite a number of examples in some ares which used to be priced higher and is now priced lower. In fact some real estate negotiators are now selling […]

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Yes, it’s up for sale. Perak MB’s residence. 5.3 hectares, how much?

I was in Ipoh this weekend to give a talk for REHDA Perak’s Mapex 2018. (Click here to know more) Then someone mentioned to me that there is a huge land sale. Here’s that piece of news. This is more of news for Ipohans yeah. For years, I have often wondered when will the Perak […]

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MAPEX Perak 2018: Choices, freely. Comparisons, easily. Learning from speakers, free.

Decisions are not usually made without any potential comparisons. A good friend just asked me about two potential properties. I asked her to go and talk to the sales people at the respective sales galleries. She said it will take a lot of her time since both the galleries are not that close to one […]

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Speaking in Ipoh. Come join me and say Hi.

The poster says it all. This time, it’s in my hometown Ipoh. See you there!  Please do register yeah. There’s some lucky draws going on too. Who knows, the winner might just be you. REGISTER HERE.   It is not my first time speaking in Ipoh but it will be the first time that I will […]

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Expert Series – Why Retirement Homes, Why Ipoh? – Part 2

This is the Part 2 of the Expert Series – Why Retirement Homes, Why Ipoh – Part 1 published yesterday. Part 2 talks a bit more about the advantages of a purpose developed retirement homes versus other property types. John was also asked a few more tough questions. Personally, if my whole family stays with […]

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Expert Series – Why Retirement Homes, Why Ipoh? – Part 1

Readers of knows that I am an Ipohan. A proud one as well. Frankly, I will definitely retire in Ipoh. However, I am nowhere near the retirement age yet. However, I wrote about retirement homes way back in 2014 and I recently have the pleasure to interview someone who is trying to change the […]

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Cameron Highlands? Still cold, still lots of visitors, still a favourite

There’s nothing in Cameron Highlands! Why do you go there every year?! I still remember a friend once told me. It’s hard to argue because perhaps he is right? Haha. It’s okay, let me tell you a few good reasons to drop by Cameron Highlands for the weekend. Near enough to drive. From Penang it’s […]

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Ipoh, that city in the middle needs more connectivity.

Not too long ago, someone asked me if Ipoh properties are worth investing in. I laughed. You must not ask a Ipohan about property investment in Ipoh. They may just tell you about all the crazy prices and then tell you that the best time might have been years before. Well, they are right and […]

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