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From a shopper’s experience: 6 things that malls can think about.

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As a guy, I am not that ‘typical guy’ when it comes to shopping. I do not dislike shopping. I am a guy who loves browsing, comparing and occasionally buying…


Happy 61st Merdeka Day my Malaysia. Always ‘Setia’ to you.

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If Malaysia is a working professional, 61 years old would mean the year that the person starts to enjoy his life or starts to worry for his future (retirement). I…

What a day of happiness for everyone in the property market

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Date: 1st April 2018 It was reported in the media just this morning. According to the Minister of Property Affairs and Affiliation, Ms. April Hoo, the government will be taking…

EPF’s returns? 6.02 pct over past 10 years. 6.37 pct over past 5 years.

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I received two Whatsapp messages just yesterday. I really do wonder why people would want to create them and why there are people who love to forward these kind of…

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