7 reasons why we should start buying a property

When we buy our first property, that’s just buying a property. Our investment journey starts from the 2nd property onwards. (Yes, I am writing a book to focus on that 2nd property onwards. Please wait for it) As for those starting with 5 properties or even 10 properties, that’s called GAMBLING. I represent the working […]

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FIABCI Malaysia: No property bubble bursting soon

These days, in my talks, people no longer ask me about the potential of property bubble bursting. Maybe they have forgotten a viral Whatsapp just a few months back about an imminent property bubble bursting. Maybe they are ow very confident with the new government? Anyway, every time anyone asked, I would point out to […]

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6 reasons I love secondary properties

If you prefer to buy a home which you are the FIRST owner, then you may skip this article. 🙂  However, if you are looking at buying something of ‘What You See is What You Get?,’ then this sharing is written just for you. In my property investment adventure thus far, I have bought both […]

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The Clovers, Penang – An Overview

[Sponsored] The Clovers, Penang – An Overview The Clovers is a freehold luxury residential development by Asia Green Development in 2013 and completed in 2017. The project’s logo was inspired by the four-leaf clover, whereby each petals represent the element of fortune, hope, love and faith; signifying prosperity, good luck and blessings to bestowed upon […]

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Focus on the property price, not the financing options.

This was the earlier article about the peer-to-peer (P2P) home financing which was announced by our Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng just days ago:  risk worth taking to own a home. This is HBA’s point of view.  Article in  In a statement, HBA said it “respectfully disagrees” with the initiative, pointing out that the real problem […]

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Making sure the maintenance of our high-rise is good for future.

“My condo’s management is ineffective! They are spending money indiscriminately!’ Familiar comment from friends who are staying in a stratified high-rise or even landed these days? Well, the most effective way for us to take some real responsibility in managing our own strata property is to join the Joint Management Committee (JMC). Seriously, if we […]

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Our ability determines what we could afford, very true indeed!

In one of the first few property books I read, Azizi Ali shared that if the reader of his book is currently earning a salary of below RM2,500 he should work harder and earn a higher salary. Else, he can forget about property investment. I read this over 15 years ago and guess what, it […]

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Affordable homes within 9,192 acres of land and ‘profitable’ public transport company

Let’s get the first question out of the way. Will huge numbers of affordable home crash the property market? No. Huge numbers of really attractive and affordable homes will stabilise the market because there would be by far more choices for everyone instead of the current situation where the demand for certain hotspots far outstrip […]

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A TOD development in Sungai Besi. Appealing design and future lifestyle.

“There are a total of 4,212 units,” someone told me the other day when I told her about my visit to the site of Maju Kuala Lumpur under the invitation of my good friend, Miichael Yeoh.  Yes, it is true, there are a total of 4,212 units. These units are housed in 7 blocks of which […]

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Manifesto on affordable homes for Malaysians. Let’s Do It!

Malaysia should have 1 million affordable homes built within 2 terms. That’s our new government’s promise in its manifesto. My belief is the same regardless of the government but I think with the federal government in control of many state governments, it should be easier to work as a team. Remember, this is for Malaysians […]

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