Melaka property worth considering. 6 reasons why.

I love Melaka and I think I go to Melaka at least twice per year. If you ask me if Melaka can be a property investment destination, my answer in brief is yes. Objectively, Melaka is NOT within the top 4 property investment destinations in Malaysia. Those 4 would be Greater KL, Penang, Johor and Kota […]

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High-Speed Rail cancellation: versus flight tickets and experts’ views

The topic of High-Speed Rail KL – SG was a hotly shared one yesterday and today. Long time back, there were predictions that this HSR may kill the airlines. Well, the KL – SG route is the busiest in the world actually, so perhaps HSR will affect it. Today however there was one Facebook post […]

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Impression U-Thant: Just starting from RM1.3 million or RM1,700 psf

Sometimes we need to have a place where we do not need to drive 45 minutes to arrive, even if it has a mountain behind it and a majestic lake in front of it. We may just need a place which we could go home to when we feel like going home and just need […]

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Oversupply Melaka? Totalling RM254 million. ONLY 725 units OVER 10 years…

Melaka property investment? It is not the top 4 property investment destination in Malaysia but opportunities are definitely available. I would love to own a place there actually. Let’s hope some opportunities open up in the near future. Of course, I need to get ready the $$$ too. In fact, investment wise, it looks pretty […]

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A good 2018 for property market Malaysia.

According to an article in PropertyGuru, a total of 580 visitors visited PropertyGuru’s Malaysia Property Show (MPS) held in The St. Regis Singapore recently. In fact it said that the seminar sessions were well attended; full house.  The seminar series started with some predictions for the Malaysian property market in 2018. Here’s an earlier article […]

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What’s happening to Malaysia’s property market in the near future?

Hi readers, I do not usually speak in property events. I prefer to read and then share by writing, actually. However, my good friend, Barry from Chester Properties invited me to share since last year and with a good venue provided, I agreed. Hope to see you in Malacca during my talk. We can […]

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8 reasons why buying a property in Melaka is not for you

Do you know that there are a few primary property markets in Malaysia that Malaysians invest in? They typically include the Klang Valley, Iskandar Malaysia, Penang and Kota Kinabalu. Beyond these few choices, there are also other notable and upcoming choices including Seremban, Ipoh, Kuching, Sandakan and Melaka (Malacca)? I do not go Seremban every […]

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Melaka and that RM5 billion FDI from China for 2016

For readers of, you would know that I love Melaka. In fact I love lot of places in Malaysia. There are so many more places to visit, touch and feel. According to a report in NST, Melaka may be getting over RM5 billion worth of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) from China. Seriously, the Chinese […]

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Melaka real estate up close on 20,21 August. Investing the BLT way

I love Melaka and I would drop by for a few days on a yearly basis. This year, I will go again at the end of the year. Just too occupied every weekend these days. A holiday getaway in a UNESCO Heritage city with lots of awesome food and lots of things to see and […]

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How HSR would benefit the cities along the line

A friend made a passing remark the other day about High Speed Rail KL – Singapore. He said if this comes true, what it meant is that we should look at properties around all these stations, buy something affordable and wait. I told him that if that’s a strategy, please go ahead. However, I think […]

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