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Melaka property worth considering. 6 reasons why.

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I love Melaka and I think I go to Melaka at least twice per year. If you ask me if Melaka can be a property investment destination, my answer in…


High-Speed Rail cancellation: versus flight tickets and experts’ views

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The topic of High-Speed Rail KL – SG was a hotly shared one yesterday and today. Long time back, there were predictions that this HSR may kill the airlines. Well,…

Impression U-Thant: Just starting from RM1.3 million or RM1,700 psf

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Sometimes we need to have a place where we do not need to drive 45 minutes to arrive, even if it has a mountain behind it and a majestic lake…

Oversupply Melaka? Totalling RM254 million. ONLY 725 units OVER 10 years…

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Melaka property investment? It is not the top 4 property investment destination in Malaysia but opportunities are definitely available. I would love to own a place there actually. Let’s hope…

How HSR would benefit the cities along the line

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A friend made a passing remark the other day about High Speed Rail KL – Singapore. He said if this comes true, what it meant is that we should look…

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