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ABCs of Property Investment

Financial news: Harder to buy a property today or a long time ago?

There was a time when depositing RM1 million in the bank as Fixed Deposit will gain the saver 8 percent of interest if not higher and that means this saver could get a monthly interest equivalent to RM6,667 per month. This is the typical salary of a M40 household. In other words, it’s actually possible to take it easy once we have managed to save our first RM1 million. RM6,667 is not a lot of money but certainly enough even for today’s typical expenses per month. I know, it’s much harder to get RM1 million then because the salaries are lower.

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Renting News

Renting News: The decision of whom to rent to is with the landlord

A potential tenant, a husband and wife came to view my 730 sq ft apartment with a real estate negotiator (REN). After they have viewed the whole unit, the husband said to me. “I think your unit is okay. You know, most of the units I have viewed are asking for RM500 – RM550 rental per month.”

“Okay” is not the word I am too happy to hear. Benchmarking a fully-furnished unit (because I moved out) versus some empty units around the area is also not something logical to me. My reply to them in front of the REN is something like this. “Actually if most of the units you viewed are already at RM500 – RM550, I would suggest that you choose one of those units. If I am you, I would not come and view this RM650 unit.”

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Renting News

Renting news: Riyadh versus Dubai for the expats

During the recent Chinese New Year, I visited my primary schoolmate. Yes, based on number of years, we have known one another for nothing less than 35 years. All these years, I have always known him as an expat working in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and he has worked in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi too. Many years ago, he also said that Dubai is an amazingly cosmopolitan city and that I should definitely visit him there.

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ABCs of Property Investment

Renting News: When ‘neighbour’ increased the rental, I will follow too. Does it happen like this?

If rental in KL city centre increased very quickly, people may rent at the fringes of KL city centre. If the whole KL city is very expensive, people will rent homes with a Selangor address. This is common and this is why prices always rise from the place with the most demand first. When the supply can no longer keep up, the supply would have to be expanded somehow. Else, the rental will increase until the market collapses. Either people stop coming to KL to work since rental is just too high or the owners start to reduce rental voluntarily. 🙂

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