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Property Rental News: Short-term rental is not the same as long term rental

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Property Rental News: Short-term rental is not the same as long term rental

When the management has decided, the security will help deploy

There was this news about a few hundred guests being unable to check into their apartment units for short-term rentals at a condominium in Ipoh. The condominium security did not allow the guests to check in and everyone has to wait outside the main entrance of the condominium. Yes, I can imagine the feeling of having paid and yet not entitled to stay. Yes, we can also say it’s not the guests’ fault. We just need to also understand that rules are NOT meant to be broken. Thus, if majority have decided, then the management committee will follow and the security guards will enforce.

Article in KUALA LUMPUR: Hundreds of guests were left stranded after they were unable to check in into their apartment units for short-term rentals at a condominium in Ipoh.

In a series of videos posted by TikTok user @handsomecool666, the guests were shown not being allowed to check in and had to wait outside the main entrance of the condominium, near the guard house.

It is learnt that the management of the condominium had banned short-term rental accommodation. However, many of the guests were unaware of the situation.

In the comment section on one of the videos, many people agreed with the action taken by the management to ban short-term rental.

User @feyriyss wrote: “The owners of the units, they did not live there. The neighbours are teh ones that have to deal with the outsiders (those who rent the units)making noise and using the swimming pool with so many of them. The security of the condominium can also be compromised.” Do read the full article here: Article in

My experience for both; long term rental versus short term rental

I prefer long term rental except if the unit bought caters to short-term rental. For example, serviced residences. Let me comment as an owner. I would really dislike it if my condo has a residential title and every day, my left side neighbour and my right side neighbour are different people. Whether friendly or not friendly is not important at all. I prefer to live as a residence and not as a hotel guest when it comes to my home sweet home. I have young children whom I allow them to run to the park. I definitely do not wish for strangers to be anywhere near them. Period.

My only unit which was rented out as a short-term rental? That’s a serviced apartment in Cameron Highlands. In fact the management knows, the security knows and the basic idea is that the people who come are for short-term rentals. Outcome which the owner wants should also align to the type of property they buy. Happy deciding future owners.

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