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ABCs of Property Investment

Property Investment 101: Property Investment cannot be fast and furious please.

I hate it when property market transactions rise because people were thinking that the next rush is coming and they fear of missing out. As everyone is now buying with a specutive mindset, the price is no longer the focus. Everyone thought the price will be ever higher when they sell in the future. It’s as if there’s always a better price tomorrow! Haha. Stop believing this kind of fairytale yeah.

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China and Hong Kong Property related

Johor to receive RM80 billion worth of FDI from China

This was the recent article which was about 19 MOUs valued at RM170 billion after PM Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s visit to China. RM170 billion investments with 19 MOUs signed with China As briefly touched on, it is now up to all the relevant ministers to follow up this very closely. All these investments would carry multiplier effects. So, if there’s an investment of RM170 billion, there is a potential multiplier effect to the economy of 4 times and that’s RM680 billion. This is why the ministers must really do their job well.

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China and Hong Kong Property related

PM Anwar: 19 MoUs with RM170 billion of investment commitment from China

China is the second largest economy in the world today. The United States is top. However, China is in Asia. The United States just wants to be in Asia. It’s very far away. According to my friend, it’s over 9000 miles away. In other words, as a trading partner, one is in the same region. So, if I am a Prime Minister of a country within Asia, I do think China is one of the countries I visit first, if not the first. Below would be the preliminary result from the visit and the number is indeed very encouraging.

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China and Hong Kong Property related

Hong Kong aims to reopen borders with China. (Also means China reopens yeah)

China has a population of 1.4 billion. if we assume just 3% of them would travel somewhere out of China, that’s 42 million people. It’s bigger than the whole population of Malaysia. Assuming each of these spending just RM200 per day and that’s a staggering RM8.4 billion. With a multiplier effect of 4, it’s RM33.6 billion to the world economy. Has China reopened? Not yet but they are indeed more open to reopening. Hong Kong’s leader John Lee announced that Hong Kong aims to reopen its border with China by mid-january 2023. Let’s read more.

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