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News about High Speed Rail, MRT, LRT, BRT and more.

Half of the cost, going ahead and delayed too; LRT 3

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Many friends are now telling me that we should not be buying a property solely because it’s near a LRT / MRT. The reason is because the government is doing…


Reconsideration of MMC-Gamuda termination for MRT Line 2

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The decision to terminate MMC-Gamuda for the Mass Rail Transit Line 2 will reconsidered. This is the decision of our Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. His announcement was published in…

MRT Line 2: 20,000 to lose jobs, complexities from the underground works

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I was wondering what will happen to the people involved in the underground work portion should MMC-Gamuda does not win the international tender which will be called by the Finance…

MRT Line 2: MMC-Gamuda ‘discounts’ 23 percent to the government

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This does not happen often but perhaps will be happening more often in the future? MMC-Gamuda offered a 23 percent ‘discount’ to the government through its new price tag for…

No loss of jobs even with HSR KL – SG postponement; over 100 specialists on SG side

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In case everyone wants to know the direction of the property market, please look at the job market. This is the reason why property prices in cities are increasing because…

Pay RM45.1 million first. Delay 2 years but completion date now 2031?

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The postponement of the HSR KL – SG is now inked. It will now only start construction in end-May 2020 and the new date for the commencement date will be…

HSR KL – SG: Win-Win, Joint Statement soon.

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Remember the saga of High Speed Rail KL – SG (HSR)? My views much earlier: Focus on the new demand, not just the existing. That’s the key to HSR’s attractiveness. There’s…

Penang’s LRT plans vs Tram proposal. Let the best option wins for Penangites.

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Just a week or so ago, I wrote about the fact that financing, constructing and behaviour changing are three different things. Here’s that article:Financing, constructing and behaviour changing.Three different things…

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