MRT was ‘too big’ and ‘too luxurious.’

I personally like our MRT and has taken it slightly over 10 times since it first started. I have also taken my family on it once. As per one latest number, there are now 130,000 people taking the MRT nowadays. This is less than half the number needed to break-even. I think it will take […]

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Mildly positive and ‘less painful.’ Hmm…

I was giving a talk entitled, “The Key Driver for Property Demand will always be Affordability” in Fair 2018 in KLCC and I asked the audience about Budget 2019. “How many of you here thinks the Budget 2019 is positive for you?” I looked around and none put up their hands. Perhaps they have […]

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This RM100 is positive for the property market.

Some say they prefer to drive because it’s only very slightly more expensive than taking the LRT / MRT or public transport. It’s arguable because typical monthly parking in KL should be RM250 or higher. It is definitely untrue come 1st January 2019. The 30-day unlimited Rapid bus and rail pass will be available to Malaysians. […]

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Additional cuts and MMC-Gamuda will continue with the underground MRT works

Remember that debate online on who’s right and who’s wrong about the MRT Line 2’s underground works? After both sides have their say and supporters, the company which won against many other international bidders is now the ‘winner’ again. After that announcement of them being cut away from the underground MRT Line 2 works, MMC-Gamuda […]

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Half of the cost, going ahead and delayed too; LRT 3

Many friends are now telling me that we should not be buying a property solely because it’s near a LRT / MRT. The reason is because the government is doing lots of cost-cutting and deferment so that the country’s finances can recover.  Seriously, I believe this should always be the case right? If there’s just […]

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Reconsideration of MMC-Gamuda termination for MRT Line 2

The decision to terminate MMC-Gamuda for the Mass Rail Transit Line 2 will reconsidered. This is the decision of our Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. His announcement was published in an article in TheStar.   This is two days after Finance Minister has announced termination of MMC-Gamuda for the underground works for MRT Line 2. Read […]

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MRT Line 2: 20,000 to lose jobs, complexities from the underground works

I was wondering what will happen to the people involved in the underground work portion should MMC-Gamuda does not win the international tender which will be called by the Finance Ministry. I read the answer today. The article was in many media and one of it is this one in : MMC-Gamuda: Termination of MRT2 […]

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MRT Line 2: MMC-Gamuda ‘discounts’ 23 percent to the government

This does not happen often but perhaps will be happening more often in the future? MMC-Gamuda offered a 23 percent ‘discount’ to the government through its new price tag for the above-ground portion of the MRT2 project. They are the turnkey contractor and the original price tag for the project was RM22.64 billion. This was achieved through a reduction […]

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Spending more money with connectivity

I love connectivity. With the PLUS highway, a trip to Penang from Sungai Buloh exit (330km trip) takes just 3 hours and 30 minutes or less. Seriouslah, at 110km per hour. (yes, yes, I have done much faster with a close friend) Last Friday I picked up my kids at 2pm, faced some jams when […]

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ECRL? More time needed to study the benefits

Is the East Coast Railway Line cancelled or postponed? Depending on who you ask perhaps. The supporters for it will say it is merely postponed. The rest says that it has been postponed and that it has been announced formally many times. When I google for more info, I do find never ending articles about […]

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