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ABCs of Property Investment

Financial news: Harder to buy a property today or a long time ago?

There was a time when depositing RM1 million in the bank as Fixed Deposit will gain the saver 8 percent of interest if not higher and that means this saver could get a monthly interest equivalent to RM6,667 per month. This is the typical salary of a M40 household. In other words, it’s actually possible to take it easy once we have managed to save our first RM1 million. RM6,667 is not a lot of money but certainly enough even for today’s typical expenses per month. I know, it’s much harder to get RM1 million then because the salaries are lower.

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ABCs of Property Investment

Property Investment 101: 4 tips for First Time Home Buyer

Are you a first time home buyer? I was one as well, once upon a time ago. Are you worried because this is going to be a purchase of a few hundred thousand ringgit? I was as well. I thought buying my first property was very scary and buying my second property would cause me potential bankruptcy!

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JRK Convena
Kuala Lumpur / Selangor Props

The 6Cs for JRK Convena

Every time someone tells me about Transit Oriented Development aka as TOD, I would smile. I told them that both my wife and I are not really public transport users. She prefers to send the kids to school by driving because it’s very close to our home and taking the public transport may be even more inconvenient. Just need to remember this though, TODs are a necessity in many advanced countries.

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