Do not come to Malaysia just to retire… Be an Enjoyee instead!

For ‘young’ at heart people who are thinking of places with white sandy beaches overlooking the sea, over 4,000 metre mountain peak loved by many, world’s oldest rainforests worth exploring every year and even UNESCO Heritage sites and cities? All these are in the same country; Malaysia. This is also a read for those who […]

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So few cars on the road! Market is awesome!

I have been to Jakarta on numerous occasions, both for work and for vacation. Yes, I do think getting a property in Jakarta is an attractive proposition. Well, if only it’s friendlier to foreigners buying a property there. Here are some of the restrictions. The reason why I think so is simple. Did you know that […]

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Land cost, gross REdevelopment value and future

Occasionally, we hear of projects with a gross development value (GDV) of RM1 billion. For an affordable unit of RM250,000 each this meant that there are a total of 4,000 units for this development. Yeah, super duper high-density even if overall is still dependent on the land size. Smaller number of units and a very […]

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Bullet Train Chiengmai – Bangkok. No to invest. Yes to loans.

When the tsunami hit Japan in April 2011, I was still in Japan as a tourist with my wife and two other close friends. We heard from the our hotel receptionist in Osaka that the Shinkansen (bullet train) service has been stopped. We were supposed to travel the next day to Tokyo and then to […]

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Malaysia by Moody’s, Standard & Poors Global and Fitch. Enough lah.

There has been occasions when Malaysian friends overseas asked me this question. “Is the Malaysian economy okay?” Actually, the actual sentence was a far more negative one but let’s leave it at that. If they are close friends, I would usually give them a typical half and hour of my time and answer their questions […]

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Foreigners love condos in Thailand and Malaysia

Within this year itself, I think I visited Bangkok 4 times. Except for the jam that never seem to end, I love Bangkok. I love the friendly people, the delicious street food and the good service in hotels. I wanted to bring my family for a visit too, perhaps next year. Every time I pass […]

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Barter trade still works. Fighter jets for tea, coffee, palm oil and some cash, of course.

This is the review for an amazing jet fighter called Su-35 from Russia. “Why Russia’s Enemies Should Fear the Su-35 Fighter” It is one of the most advanced jet fighters of today with a maneuverability said to be second to none. Not even those from the nation with the biggest economy in the world. Just google […]

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Of tourism, thriving businesses and contribution to the economy

Tourism is huge money for many countries, including Malaysia. For Thailand, there’s an estimate that 20 percent of the GDP is related to tourism. Here are the top 10 most visited countries in the world. Thailand is number 10. For Malaysia, the number of tourists have always been healthy and there’s an estimate that for […]

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Thailand as a property destination. Top 5 it seems; higher than Malaysia.

Everyone knows that Chinese (from China) loves to buy properties. They have been buying in Australia, Singapore and more and more into Malaysia these days. (Of course, Malaysian Chinese love properties too, including me) In fact they are buying a lot in Melbourne. Crazily hot. 28% of Melbourne apartments bought by foreigners  For this article, […]

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Entourage of 600? Aramco and Petronas. Good for business too.

I always like it when other countries invest in Malaysia as a springboard to capture markets within ASEAN and beyond. When we look at the oil price of today, it’s very appropriate for many oil producing countries to also look beyond just the income from oil sales. Investments in other countries become critical for future […]

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