Simplicity in comparing for better decision making

These days, it’s easy to compare before we buy, subscribe to a service, applying for a home loan or even putting our Angpow money into a fixed deposit. For the last one, it used to be ‘just put in the nearest bank or my favourite banklah.’ Well, the rate could be very different yeah especially […]

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Not all well in the printing world, will get harder?

Many reports have been written about how the internet is helping online retail sites to slowly take more market share from brick and mortar retail outlets. I personally still shop much more at malls than online sites. My favourite online site? Somehow when it’s a pair of shoes, walking in it feels better than just […]

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Not just the 9-5 jobs. Why not a start-up? (and work Very hard?)

Are you passionate about something and is willing to work very hard for it? With some success, we may get new investors into the business, providing us the financial support and expertise. I joined a very small start-up which became a dominant player around 15 years ago. The stock options given were also very attractive […]

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Press Release by Maxx Media (S) Sdn. Bhd. (

Press Release by Maxx Media, the holding company of (Number 1 property site in East Malaysia). It has achieved the MSC status. Congratulations Michael and team! This is one team whom I got to know a few years ago. They work really hard and is always improving every year. In the recent Kota Kinabalu […]

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Retail Malaysia 2016 – Growing…very slowly…

Did I buy more stuffs in 2016 versus 2015? Let’s look at just two categories which I am a shopaholic for; shoes and clothes. I did not buy any new leather shoe in 2016 but I did buy two new sports shoes and one new hiking shoe (preparation for Mount KK climb in June 2017). […]

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RM4 million digital marketing for ONE project?

Perhaps it’s just me but I think RM4 million from a developer for one (1) project and only on digital marketing is very good news for the “new mainstream media” I have been told by some “senior” marketing managers that posting only in newspaper is enough and that online is nothing more than just for branding […]

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Media: Who’s mainstream, who’s downstream and who’s “upstream”?

I read a very interesting article in Let’s look at just a few quotes from Tan Sri Vincent Lee. He said, “Digital media is 24/7 , follows us everywhere we go, even to the toilets. Now it’s even in the semi rural areas as long as Internet is available.” Another one, “If you are a […]

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Buying things online may mean buying properties online too?

I buy stuffs online on a monthly basis. The latest one was a Queen-sized bed frame and mattress. Haha. Yes, it arrived in 4 days and so far so good. The price? Slightly below RM700 including delivery. I was even thinking of buying a whole bed-room set but since I have time to view, touch […]

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PropertyGuru claims Number 1, with 42 percent market share

With regards to the property market, I seriously believe online media will be the dominant media in the near future, perhaps as early as the next 3 years. Traditional media may become a strong complementary media where it completes the online presence and not the other way around. Just look at the bigger developer names […]

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Newspapers need to embrace online; fast.

Do we still read most of the property related news on hardcopy newspaper or online? This is a question every GM of Marketing working in property developers must answer. Assuming their answer is newspaper, that’s really good, for the newspaper. As at this year, I still subscribe to TheEdge on a weekly basis. (They had […]

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