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Category: Real Estate Agents

INSPEN’s two Certificate programmes are now OPEN!

Posted in Real Estate Agents

[Sponsored] For school leavers who are looking for the potential to earn a good income within the real estate industry, here’s that opportunity. The closing date is however within the…


No place for illegal brokers, more concrete actions needed.

Posted in Real Estate Agents

Let’s listen to what a former President of the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents (MIEA) has to say about illegal brokers. His article appeared in NST just days ago. Reference…

Even the richest are not immune to a slowing property market

Posted in Real Estate Agents, Starting Property Investing, and US / Dollar related

We want to sell our home today and we engage a real estate negotiator (REN). He advised us the current market price based on some recent transactions. Here’s a place…

Investors coming back into the market, improving till 2020.

Posted in Property, KL / Selangor, and Real Estate Agents

When we want to know the state of the property market, we could ask our friendly neighbourhood real estate negotiator (REN) friend. Seriously lah. The RENs are usually specialists in… Agents Advertising Awards 2018. Oh What a Night…

Posted in Real Estate Agents

It was a night to celebrate for the real estate agencies and negotiators. Their hard work, perseverance and the never-ending customer service (weekends, even before we wake up…) for the…

New Intake by INSPEN for 2018/2019 session. Success awaits.

Posted in IRERS 2018, Press Releases (developers and more), and Real Estate Agents

I think this is good news for real estate industry aspirants. Whether it’s to become a valuer or a property manager or even a real estate agency, these courses from…

Don’t ‘kill’ your sales people yea… (HOT SUN)

Posted in Career Related, and Real Estate Agents

Every time a sales person closes one property deal, the reward is pretty good. That is why some sales people (either from the developer or from a real estate agency)…

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