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An article a day, keeps you updated all the way. was started in November 2013 and the founder Charles Tan has been writing here ever since. He believes Malaysians should invest (invest and not speculate or gamble) because that’s the only way to be financially prepared for retirement. Continue to read.

Charles Tan, DTM

Charles Tan is Founder of He shares from his personal investment experience for the past 20 years.

20 years experience

Writings would include investment experience in property, stock, unit trust and more as well as readings and conversations with many property gurus in the industry.

Independent blog

kopiandproperty is an independent property blog which is not affiliated to any media company, property developer or even real estate agencies.

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#3 in the top 10 Malaysian Real Estate Blogs in Malaysia by Feedspot. Happy engaging your audience and best wishes till we sit down for a latte.


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ABCs of Property Investment

Pavilion REIT: Acquisition of Pavillion Bukit Jalil

You can read more about it here in an earlier article too. REIT Advantages Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is another way for invetors to start investing into the real estate world without the need to have big capital. Just buy these like we buy a stock from the share market. Enjoy the dividends which is still considered attractive when compared to fixed deposit rates. Just need to be aware of the latest returns before you buy yeah. It could have changed because the REIT price may have increased etc. Plus, REIT allows us to buy into real estate assets which would have been impossible for us to buy by ourselves. For example, a stake in Pavillion Bukit Jalil? Below is the media realese from Pavillion REIT.

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ABCs of Personal Finance

Personal finance 101. Salary from KL. Property from Selangor.

As per Department of Statistics, Malaysia, the median salary of someone working in Kuala Lumpur is RM10,549 while the median salary for someone working in Selangor is RM8,210. That means one would earn up to 30% extra per month if one were to work in KL instead of Selangor. Just need to note that this is median and that KL would have more of the high paying jobs because someone working within the KL CBD cannot be having a lower pay than someone working in Kajang. Else, better work in Kajang lah since properties in Kajang is much cheaper than KL.

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Kuala Lumpur / Selangor Props

S P Setia may hit pre-sales target of RM4 billion

Besides the stock market which may reflect the economic situation, developer’s sales results are also another way to know if the economy is doing well or not. Imagine an econmy where unemployment is high. Salary earners would be worried and definitely will not make any house buying decision until they feel certain that their current job is certain. This is why during a slowdown, property developers will feel the pressure because many buyers may not be thinking of buying a property.

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High-rise not good price appreciation? These appreciated within 12 months.

I bought my first high-rise unit in 2003. It was then followed by another high-rise and another and well, high-rise units in 6 cities / towns in Malaysia. I only bought my first landed property in 2020 yeah. So, 17 years of just high-rise units. Did I have any price appreciation at all? Haha. When I speak in any events in the future, do ask me yeah. Will tell you all about it. In the mean time, let’s look at actual numbers from’s latest media release.

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Our EPF returns over the years?

This statement has been mentioned to me many times by many different people. In actual fact, EPF has given me one of the best returns for many years and for recent years, the returns are higher than my FD returns and higher than the home loan repayment interest which I have to pay. There’s no guarantee it could be the same in the future but my wish is for this to continue and remain as high as possible.

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Malaysian economy and BNM

Recession Malaysia to be a reality in 2023?

This is the definition for recession. A recession is a significant, pervasive, and persistent decline in economic activity. (Investopedia) Briefly, it meant that people spend less than last year. Imagine getting the same salary this year as last year. However, because of sentiment, you decided to spend less and save the money into the savings account instead. Now imagine another 100,000 people who has the same thoughts all doing the same. Suddenly, the number of people spending in malls are reduced.

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