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An article a day, keeps you updated all the way. was started in November 2013 and the founder Charles Tan has been writing here ever since. He believes Malaysians should invest (invest and not speculate or gamble) because that’s the only way to be financially prepared for retirement. Continue to read.

Charles Tan, DTM

Charles Tan is Founder of He shares from his personal investment experience for the past 20 years.

20 years experience

Writings would include investment experience in property, stock, unit trust and more as well as readings and conversations with many property gurus in the industry.

Independent blog

kopiandproperty is an independent property blog which is not affiliated to any media company, property developer or even real estate agencies.

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#3 in the top 10 Malaysian Real Estate Blogs in Malaysia by Feedspot. Happy engaging your audience and best wishes till we sit down for a latte.


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ABCs of Personal Finance

Personal Finance 101: Fresh Engineer and the monthly salary. So little, how and what to do?

Anyone here who does not want to complain that their pay is low? Well, even engineers are also complaining, not just those with non-technical degrees which the supply is much higher than the supply of fresh engineers. My brother and my two brother-in-laws are all engineers. They have been engineers for a long time and I think they will retire as an engineer. All three are holding senior level positions today. However, all three started from that low starting salary like many fresh engineers.

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ABCs of Personal Finance

REIT News: Pavillion REIT buying a RM2.2 billion asset

“Do you want to own a mall without needing to buy the whole mall?” Yea, it’s possible if you are to invest into a real estate investment trust fund via the stock market. There are plenty of choices actually. Okay, it’s not like hundreds of choices but I think there’s enough for us to pick. Here’s the list of REITs and all the other necessary details to know before you invest into one. I think it is comprehensively explained at

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Personal Finance 101: How to calculate EPF money we have when we retire?

In order to benefit from this article, you need to be an EPF contributor first yeah. As for EPF, much has been said about the recent RM500 being deposited by the government to EPF contributors who have too little money in their account. Some said that EPF members should be allowed to do another round of withdrawal. Some say it is irresponsible to allow that because these savings are meant for retirement days. Well, the debate rages on but for all other contributors, did you know that you could estimate how much total EPF money we have when we retire?

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ABCs of Personal Finance

Property Investment 101: Home Loan Calculator and Comparison

There are many sites offering the calculation. I think this one by (click here to go there) is straightforward and simple to use and refer. Do take a look at below:

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Penang Property

Penang Technology Park has a GDV of RM4.2 billion

My brother and my two brother-in-laws are still in Penang and all three are engineers. All three has every intention to continue to be in the engineering field in Penang. All three has more than one property and are all contributing to the economy of Penang wholeheartedly too. I think there are many well-planned Free-Trade-Zone parks which has been supporting the state’s economic growth. We now have another one known an Penang Technology Park @ Bertam. It will be spearheaded by a local property development outfit; Ideal Property Group.

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ABCs of Property Investment

Property Investment 101: Property prices falling everywhere. What’s the next action to take?

Malaysia property market is a small one. Ours is also not so advanced. People still think anywhere above 20km away from the city centre as VERY FAR. Haha. I always encourage everyone to take a look at the suburbs in some advanced countries to understand that even 50km is not considered as ‘impossible’ and meanwhile 30km from the city centre is considered normal.

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