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An article a day, keeps you updated all the way. was started in November 2013 and the founder Charles Tan has been writing here ever since. He believes Malaysians should invest (invest and not speculate or gamble) because that’s the only way to be financially prepared for retirement. Continue to read.

Charles Tan, DTM

Charles Tan is Founder of He shares from his personal investment experience for the past 20 years.

20 years experience

Writings would include investment experience in property, stock, unit trust and more as well as readings and conversations with many property gurus in the industry.

Independent blog

kopiandproperty is an independent property blog which is not affiliated to any media company, property developer or even real estate agencies.

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Charles Tan awards (1)

#3 in the top 10 Malaysian Real Estate Blogs in Malaysia by Feedspot. Happy engaging your audience and best wishes till we sit down for a latte.


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ABCs of Property Investment

The Dynamic Duo: Property Investment and Healthcare Demand

The median age for Malaysia is 30.4 years (DOSM 2021 data). We can go into any supermarket today and take a look at the diaper brands. If you did not notice, the number of brands and diversity are still increasing. It meant that the demand for healthcare from the new babies are still increasing.

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ABCs of Property Investment

Overhang Properties in Malaysia. Going up or coming down?

A few years ago, a friend asked me whether it’s still a good time to buy a property. I asked him why he asked such a question. He said the overhang is getting higher and higher. I asked him if he’s interested in any of the overhang properties. By the way, this is how overhang properties are defined.

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ABCs of Personal Finance

Personal Finance 101: What happens when prices rise?

It’s quite clear that there are wealthy people out there. It’s also very clear that a RM50,000 rise in property price is seen as super huge for many people but may not mean much to the ultra-wealthy. There are also the super-wealthy that does not own any property. They just move to anywhere they like, they buy things they do not have and they eat food they like by flying there in the morning and coming back in the afternoon. Majority of the people are not within this category.

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Kuala Lumpur / Selangor Props

Sime Darby Property’s Fully Taken-Up Ilham Residence 3 (Stage 1)  Proves that the City of Elmina is a Definite Must-Have Address 

ARA DAMANSARA, 24 MARCH 2023 – Sime Darby Property Berhad (“Sime Darby Property” or  “Company”) premiered two new concept homes in the City of Elmina to overwhelming response, proving yet again that the Company delivers what the market demands. All 69 Lifestyle Homes  and 62 Urban Twinhomes units of Ilham Residence 3 (Stage 1) were taken-up at the early bird  preview earlier this month, denoting strong interest in this final landed gated and guarded precinct  within the exclusive Elmina East neighbourhood. 

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ABCs of Property Investment

Property Investment 101: Property related charts by Rahim & Co

A good friend of mine has just left Rahim & Co nd joined another organisation. However, just before he left, he sent me a comprehensive report from Rahim & Co which I think i want to share with more people. Thus, I have looked through them and chosen some relevant charts for us to understand the property market a little better versus just listening to our FB friends who may be speaking from what they heard in their FB pages. Haha. Below are all charts based on actual numbers.

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ABCs of Property Investment

Property Investment 101: Property price update. Going up or coming down?

Typical Homeowner: I want to sell as high as I could. My property is a very good property.

Typical Homebuyer: Please sell me at a lower price. Market is slow, I want better prices before I buy.

Homeowner with an overpriced property: If I sell at this price, I will lose money. If I do not sell, then I have to keep paying the monthly mortgage. Property investment is such a bad investment.

Homeowner with an in-demand property: I prefer to have that extra RM50,000 even if I know if I reduce it by RM50,000 I could sell quickly. Let’s look at some of the offers first.

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