S P Setia is confident with Melbourne property demand

Most Malaysians I know love to visit Australia. It’s really apt that their two cities; Melbourne and Sydney is always among the world’s most liveable cities. Personally, I have been to Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Total days spent in my Australian trips thus far is 32 days. I think my family and I enjoyed all […]

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Four important points about investing in Melbourne property.

I was at Resimax’s Property Power workshop recently. I think there were close to 100 pax in Intercontinental Hotel in KL. Learning as much as we could before we start investing is an important step, especially in a country where the currency is 3 times ours. I enjoyed the session because I learnt many new […]

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Melbourne: Most liveable and an attractive city for property investment?

I was in Melbourne just 2 months ago. It was my 4th time visiting an Australian city (besides Perth and Sydney earlier) and I have to say that it lives up to its tag of the world’s Most Liveable city awarded by the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) for the past 7years. (2011 – 2017). My […]

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KL is becoming too expensive? Now ranked 182 / 475 cities. Wow…

After travelling 18 days in Australia, specifically Sydney and Melbourne, all I can say is that I need real food, for example Nasi Lemak with Ayam Rendang and I don’t even mind if the rendang is not crispy. Just joking yeah. Anyway coming back to topic, it’s expensive here (Sydney and Melbourne for a Malaysian) […]

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When even the car parks can be bought and sold like a home

I love extra car parks. It’s a great convenience. My earlier article here: Should I buy the 3rd car park? In fact, as long as a developer is building condos, they must ensure there’s sufficient car parks within the project. In some projects an additional car park can be RM50,000. This is considered very ‘painful’ to […]

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Sydney: Cost of living, property, taxi, trains and shopping

From 1st June to 17th June, the total articles per day on average will drop to 1. I am really busy vacationing in Australia. Haha. Anyway, I am in Sydney now. I took a taxi from 13 CABs instead of UBER in Sydney. The trip from Sydney Airport to my hotel in Redfern costs me […]

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Salary? Earning more. Property? Buying less.

I think some may say that the following situation looks familiar here in Malaysia? Please refer to an article in “Gen-Y is earning more but buying property less’  The article says that the inequality in Australia is the worst in the past two decades; rich are getting richer and the poor struggles to keep […]

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The countries where Chinese love to buy the most. Property.

Should we feel lucky if we are not a top property destination in the world? I would but many who are working to push our property market out to the world may disagree. Anyway, to people without a property yet, I think it is a good news if our property market is not eyed by […]

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Of bubbles, declining prices and mortgage defaults rising. (It’s a cycle)

After years of cooling measures recommended by the Bank Negara and even responsible lending policies by all the banks, the average home price increase in Malaysia is actually dropping for most states except for Johor. Take a look at the image showing the Q1 2017 versus Q2 2017 and vs the average for the past 26 years. […]

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It’s not ‘sure profit’ with property investment

If someone tells us that he has profited from property investment, congratulate them. It’s just another investment which gave them good returns.  If we believe everyone profits from property investment, that’s untrue. I have come across many friends who told me horror stories about their property investment adventure. One good friend who has a cafe […]

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