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Property Australia

Property market Australia showing a drop for the first time since 2018. Negative?

The main reason stated for the decline in home values is because the demand has dropped and this was caused by the rise in interest rates by Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). In other words, buyers may have deemed the rise in rates as making the repayments too high for comfort and thus they are now taking a look and see attitude. Sellers meanwhile may have had to drop prices in order for the repayment to be lower in view of higher rates.

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ABCs of Property Investment

How low can property prices go?

Actually, can also ask this instead. How long can home owners hold versus having to sell their properties during a slow period? It can also be how long can potential home buyer wait and see while continuing to pay rental or whatever payment if the house they are eyeing is for own stay.

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ABCs of Property Investment

House prices are falling because interest rates are increasing. Oh dear.

It means to ensure inflation caused by people buying too much or speculatively will be reduced. When people are not investing, not buying then interest rates may be lowered to make it attractive for businesses to invest and people to buy. For example when rates are low, buying a property looks cheap. Okay, in comparison to the rates I used to pay for my first property, the current rates are extremely low. Not even half by the way.

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Property investment? Risky mortgages are increasing. Why?

Risky Mortgage is risky to buyers. To all property buyers, please do not try to submit fake information just to get the loan approved yeah. If we do not qualify, we do not qualify. Period. Buy something cheaper. There’s plenty of them. it does not even need to be from the developer. There’s also the sub-sale property market too. Last but not least, take a look at the auction market too.

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