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When even the car parks can be bought and sold like a home

Posted in Property Australia, and Starting Property Investing

I love extra car parks. It’s a great convenience. My earlier article here: Should I buy the 3rd car park? In fact, as long as a developer is building condos, they…


Salary? Earning more. Property? Buying less.

Posted in Property Australia, and Property, KL / Selangor

I think some may say that the following situation looks familiar here in Malaysia? Please refer to an article in “Gen-Y is earning more but buying property less’  The…

The countries where Chinese love to buy the most. Property.

Posted in Investment Resources, and Property Australia

Should we feel lucky if we are not a top property destination in the world? I would but many who are working to push our property market out to the…

Of bubbles, declining prices and mortgage defaults rising. (It’s a cycle)

Posted in Property Australia

After years of cooling measures recommended by the Bank Negara and even responsible lending policies by all the banks, the average home price increase in Malaysia is actually dropping for most states…

It’s not ‘sure profit’ with property investment

Posted in Property Australia, Property, KL / Selangor, and Starting Property Investing

If someone tells us that he has profited from property investment, congratulate them. It’s just another investment which gave them good returns.  If we believe everyone profits from property investment,…

China’s richest woman and Australia’s second richest? Property related

Posted in China and Hong Kong Property related, Property Australia, and Starting Property Investing

A sobering fact indeed. The richest got richer in 2017. Their total wealth went up by A$1 trillion. (RM3.14 trillion) The full article in here.  According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index,…

Highest and with a 360 degree view. Selling at less than RM100 million. Haha.

Posted in Property Australia

How much should a penthouse in Melbourne be? Just a year ago, the Melbourne Median House Price was about AUD745,000. FYI, Australian engineers do earn the same as Malaysian engineers, number…

Borrow less, stop price appreciation and economy becomes stronger

Posted in Malaysian economy, and Property Australia

I agree with the following statement tremendously. “My judgement is that in the current environment, the resilience of our economy would be enhanced by an extended period in which housing prices…

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