S P Setia, Sime Darby Property sells. EPF-PNB buys. RM8.35 billion of Battersea.

This could be considered a friendly transaction. Malaysian companies to Malaysian funds. S P Setia Bhd and Sime Darby Property Bhd will be selling the phase two commercial assets of the Battersea Power Station to Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB), in a deal worth £1.58bil (RM8.35bil). The transaction is expected to be […]

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11.6 percent average rental yield is CRAZY…

If someone were to tell me that there are still properties out there which gives positive rental yields today, I would ask, where? If that someone were to tell me that I can still get double digits in rental yields, I would think it’s a scam, seriously. From Singapore to London and even Malaysia, due […]

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When average monthly rental reaches RM10,629 per month.

Nope, definitely not in Malaysia. It’s £2,000 per month in London. Here’s that report in  I know, suddenly everyone wants to tell me that I should compare apple to apple. Londoners are earning £, so surely they have no issues in paying for the £2,000. Noted. The average salary for people working in London as at 2017 […]

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Brexit: Good or bad for London property market?

You know, with experts, there’s always two sides, at least. Many times, multiple sides which explains why even for properties or cars, there are no such thing as the ‘perfect’ one. I am against Brexit. Remember Brexit? Yeah, the exit of Britain from European Union (EU). I think it will be bad for London because […]

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London property market dwarfs the rest but has stopped booming

London property market is obviously loved by most property investors. Especially the super-wealthy ones and it’s not only due to the exchange rate because even for Londoners, they are struggling to buy a home sweet home.  There’s an article about its size and attractiveness in  recently. The total value for the London property market is […]

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When over 30 percent homeowners reduce selling price?

It is usually alarming when we read some property related article telling us that the homeowners are slashing their selling price just to sell. What if this is compounded by revelation that the total homeowners who are reducing their selling prices are over 30 percent of all sellers? According to property website Zoopla, UK homeowners […]

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Eco World International: Expanding presence in London via 12 new sites

Eco World International (EWI) is expanding its foothold in London. (Good news for a Malaysian developer.) This is the news article in TheStar.  It says that it will be expanding from its 3 projects to 12 new sites in Greater London and the South East of England. (Yes, Greater KL is definitely a good idea because […]

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No more single market? Well, that’s to be expected.

It has been some time that I have not written about Brexit. I think the UK’s Prime Minister Theresa May is still having a hard time because she is aiming for a ‘winning’ negotiation while disagreeing to agree to European Union’s (EU)terms. I still think it’s a wrong decision even if this is voted by […]

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Brexit, London properties and Malaysian developers

London is an international financial hub. There are many analysts who said London has been facing property shortages for many years, thus the price increase. However there are also many who are now not so sure after the Brexit decision. I read an article in NST today which said that Malaysian developers with exposure to […]

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Eco World International, EPF, PNB and Guocoland on same ‘team.’

The stock market has been quite positive recently. Have you bought any shares yet? Another huge public offering one is coming up. This one is attracting huge attention. I always believe public listed companies which attract ‘famous’ investors would have advantage over those without. The reason is simple, confidence.  The news about Eco World International’s […]

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