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Category: Property London

Brexit: Good or bad for London property market?

Posted in Property London

You know, with experts, there’s always two sides, at least. Many times, multiple sides which explains why even for properties or cars, there are no such thing as the ‘perfect’…


London property market dwarfs the rest but has stopped booming

Posted in Property London

London property market is obviously loved by most property investors. Especially the super-wealthy ones and it’s not only due to the exchange rate because even for Londoners, they are struggling…

Eco World International, EPF, PNB and Guocoland on same ‘team.’

Posted in Outside Malaysia, Property Australia, and Property London

The stock market has been quite positive recently. Have you bought any shares yet? Another huge public offering one is coming up. This one is attracting huge attention. I always…

Bank of England: Financial stability a challenge because of Trump and Brexit

Posted in Outside Malaysia, and Property London

First of all, I am NOT a supporter of Brexit. I believe that Britain and the European Union (EU) as partners are better than both separated; economically. On a longer…

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