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Want to be a smart homebuyer? Unlock the Secrets to Smart Homeownership

Want to be a smart homebuyer? Unlock the Secrets to Smart Homeownership My advice is always the same; property investment should be an investment. Learning

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REHDA: Increase in legal fees will burden the property buyers

I think this is a common thing right. We love that bowl of noodle X but we did not like it when the price is increased, again. We may stop eating it for a while but after a while we may accept it and continue eating it again unless if there’s a cheaper alternative. If there’s a cheaper alternative Y which is just as good, we would now continue that new alternative and will forget this expensive bowl of noodle X, right? Well, what happens if there’s no alternative then? Just one choice and the choice is compulsory? Yeah, that’s when acceptance is a given.

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Property Developer

S P Setia sells land. Mah Sing buys land. What does this mean?

Both are considered huge developers in Malaysia. One has more landbank than the other but generally (go and check which one even if some of you should know immediately right), both are very well known. I think most property buyers would know their names. Both are always within the typical top 10 developer list here in Malaysia when it comes to total gross development value (GDV). So, why is SP Setia selling their 500-acre plot of land in Semenyih and why is Mah Sing buying up this plot of 500-acre land in Semenyih?

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Eco World Reported Net Profit For Q3
Property Developer

Eco World reported net profit for Q3 is RM35.15 million. Positive or negative?

Eco World news. Property market vitality can only be seen from the results of property developers too. If they start to show losses, that would meant that sales are no longer growing and if their construction has to continue, this would lead to losses in the near term until they sold what they built. By the way there are developers who did not manage to sell all the units even after the project is completed yeah. This is where our overhang numbers come from.

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