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KL Wellness City
ABCs of Property Investment

KL Wellness City (KLWC) – 9 Important Things We Need to Know

Malaysia is a very popular destination for medical tourism. In 2019 alone, Malaysia received 1.3 million medical tourists. (Info Source: It means non-Malaysians travel to Malaysia to get great medical care and doing things a tourist do as well. Visiting interesting places, eating amazing food and enjoying the sights, sounds and our beautiful country.

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IPO / Equity / Stock Market

Financial news: EcoWorld net profit dropped in Q1

Imagine everyone telling you that the property market is going to make a comeback. Then you went to take a look at all the public listed property companies and realises that every company you researched are all suffering from losses. This gives us a very good sign that all is not well with the property market even if many people were telling us otherwise. This is one reason why we should always take note of the financial reporting from property developers. It would be better if many of them if not majority of them are reporting profits. Here’s another one even if the overall number seems to be dropping.

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the curve
KL and Selangor Property

the Curve Achieves Target Occupancy Rate of 92% in 2022

PETALING JAYA, March 31, 2023 – As the country settles into the endemic phase, the Curve shopping mall recorded a strong recovery in 2022, closing the year with 40 new leases and occupancy rate of 92%. The total number of tenants currently stands at 248 compared with 228 tenants one year ago.

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man sitting on dental chair
ABCs of Property Investment

The Dynamic Duo: Property Investment and Healthcare Demand

The median age for Malaysia is 30.4 years (DOSM 2021 data). We can go into any supermarket today and take a look at the diaper brands. If you did not notice, the number of brands and diversity are still increasing. It meant that the demand for healthcare from the new babies are still increasing.

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Penang Property

Penang Technology Park has a GDV of RM4.2 billion

My brother and my two brother-in-laws are still in Penang and all three are engineers. All three has every intention to continue to be in the engineering field in Penang. All three has more than one property and are all contributing to the economy of Penang wholeheartedly too. I think there are many well-planned Free-Trade-Zone parks which has been supporting the state’s economic growth. We now have another one known an Penang Technology Park @ Bertam. It will be spearheaded by a local property development outfit; Ideal Property Group.

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Penang International Airport expansion project starts 2023

A long time ago, some people said that instead of building KLIA, the government should just focus on expanding the Subang airport. Fortunately, the plan for KLIA proceeded because the Prime Minister then just went ahead. Haha. Today, KLIA is said to need future expansions too especially when we look at the sudden increase in passengers and suddenly everyone needed to wait for hours to pass the immigration.

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Johor Property

REHDA: Price hikes in building materials and lesser new launches…

Recently, the National Property Information Centre (NAPIC) published statistics showing that there were a total of 188,000 property transactions worth RM84.4 billion within the H1 2022 alone. For many years, the total transactions in the second half was higher. If we have the same trend for 2022, then it means that the total transactions would be more than just a double of the H1 2022 number.

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ABCs of Property Investment

High-rise not good price appreciation? These appreciated within 12 months.

I bought my first high-rise unit in 2003. It was then followed by another high-rise and another and well, high-rise units in 6 cities / towns in Malaysia. I only bought my first landed property in 2020 yeah. So, 17 years of just high-rise units. Did I have any price appreciation at all? Haha. When I speak in any events in the future, do ask me yeah. Will tell you all about it. In the mean time, let’s look at actual numbers from’s latest media release.

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