Positives. Indirectly showing the potential for Kuala Lumpur

When I started travelling to Singapore for meetings 20 years ago, there were just one choice of flight. The ‘partnership’ of MAS / SIA. The price was also exorbitant. If I remember correctly, around RM800 per return trip. These days, I could fly 4 return trips and still have change for many lattes in Starbucks. […]

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Company is losing money, noted. Just don’t cut my housing allowances.

If you are the new CEO of a losing money company, what would you do if your company is ‘bleeding’ money because of high operational costs? Naturally, you will start to cut your operational costs. Hopefully you are also paid lower than the previous CEO who would have been asked to go earlier for causing […]

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International airport is needed. Business sustainability vital though.

In the business world of today, PROFITABILITY should be a key metric. Please stop talking about ever growing market share or ever more customers but the company kept losing money. Seriously, I am not sure how any airport builder cum operator could be profitable within a few years. For example, assuming the construction cost is […]

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KKIA – currently 9 million and up to 12 million passengers in future

I read an interesting piece of news for Kota Kinabalu in  In 2016, Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) handled 7.2 million passengers. (This means that it remains the second busiest airport in Malaysia after KLIA, ahead of even Penang International Airport (PIA) which many may see as the second busiest airport in Malaysia. In […]

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Spending in Malaysian airports? Liquor, cigarettes and COSMETICS!

How early do most of us arrive at the airport? If it’s international and I am taking MAS, I usually arrive 2 hours before. If it’s a low cost airline, I would usually arrive 3 hours earlier, especially if I needed to drop my luggage. Assuming it’s 2 hours before, after we have checked in […]

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More flights, more connections; China and Malaysia

Now everyone can fly…. into Malaysia more. I think this can be an extension to what AirAsia has been saying to all its passengers since the very beginning. I must admit, AirAsia is not my first choice. Malaysia Airlines is. This is especially if I am flying with my family. When I am flying alone, […]

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Definitely good news for the economy when traffic grows

Reference to article. Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) announced the following: Passenger traffic to and from 18 countries registered double-digit growth, including the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Laos, Pakistan, New Zealand, Oman, Nepal, Mauritius, Kazakhstan and Japan which registered more than 20% growth. International traffic for Asean countries grew 6.9% to 1.8 million […]

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Mitsui Outlet Park to be biggest outlet mall within South East Asia

My sister-in-law bought 3 dresses in the Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA just 2 weeks ago. She said, ‘It’s so cheap…’ The brand was her favourite; MNG. How cheap is cheap? Well, RM89 for 3 dresses is definitely cheap right? My wife tried the sizes too but somehow none fit nicely, so she did not get […]

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Penang International Airport – What’s next?

I wrote about this earlier but as at now, there are no further announcements as to what would be the plans for Penang International Airport (PIA). The following was what AirAsia Malaysia CEO Aireen Omar said in a Bernama article about the Penang International Airport (PIA) recently. “Our parking bays and terminals are very congested during […]

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Aeropolis KLIA, major thrusts and plans, RM7 billion investments

I wrote about this so long ago that I have forgotten all about it. Read here:  Airport within a mall, Mitsuit Outlet and Aeropolis  I have been to the Mitsui Outlet twice since then. Want to know my thoughts? Read Here. I think the concept is good if it could happen as envisioned; an Aeropolis or […]

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