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Extra RM2.4 billion for affordable home, good news? (Only if…)

Posted in Malaysian economy and more, and US / Dollar related

I agree with Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng fully on this one.Article in TheStar here. American investment bank Goldman Sachs should return the US$588mil (RM2.4bil) in it was paid for 1MDB-related…


IMF’s warnings: ‘risk of a sharp tightening of financial conditions’

Posted in Crisis News, and US / Dollar related

When stocks are overvalued, stop buying them as if we are in a ‘never ending’ best-seller movie. When properties are overpriced, stop buying as if they are an asset. An…

It’s coming… next recession. (not us but then again will affect us)

Posted in Malaysian economy and more, and US / Dollar related

It’s not a prediction for Malaysia but then again, if it does happen to the largest economy in the world, it will affect us yeah. It’s only by how much. Article…

Even the richest are not immune to a slowing property market

Posted in Real Estate Agents, Starting Property Investing, and US / Dollar related

We want to sell our home today and we engage a real estate negotiator (REN). He advised us the current market price based on some recent transactions. Here’s a place…

When you ‘slap’ me, I will ‘slap’ you back, SERIOUSLY.

Posted in US / Dollar related

Becoming and staying competitive is very important. Subsidies are bad when it’s given continuously, like forever? Please go and read up a bit on how some advanced economies continue to…

2018 stock market crash? Warnings and optimism from JPMorgan.

Posted in Outside Malaysia, and US / Dollar related

Someone googled for ‘stocks collapse 2018’ and they found Two of them. Cool. Anyway, I googled for the same keywords and found under ‘News’ category that there was a…

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