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Category: US / Dollar related

US / Dollar related

Financial news: Please note this is the currency which is appreciating. How ‘amazing’

US Dollar is currently on a massive buildup of total federal debt and is now on pace to exceed US$50 trillion in a decade.

Social Security costs are projected to increase by 67 per cent by 2032, and the Medicare health program for seniors will nearly double in cost during that period, according to CBO, as Americans 65 or older top 46 per cent of the U.S. population, up from 34 per cent this year.

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Malaysian economy and BNM

Financial News: Your monthly mortgage and other loan repayments will increase

I think this removes away the typical chatter that because there are potential for rates to move up in that one particular world currency, so people prefer to buy that currency and thus ringgit is under pressure all the time. I read this kind of analysis until I am numb now. By the way, exchange rate should just be mostly driven by trade and not all these specualative thoughts. You want speculation, you go invest into something else.

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US / Dollar related

Do you want to drive an Electric Vehicle which is the most popular in the world?

Yes, it’s Tesla. The brand without a single petrol engined car. The brand which has just 4 models and is able to dominate the sales chart of EVs all over the world… until 2021. In 2022, it’s no longer that top EV selling car company. Do take a look at the chart below to see which brand suddenly become number 1 within just 1 year by growing more than twice its total sold numbers in 2021. Yes, it’s now BYD. I have seen this car on the road many times and it says BYD stands for Build Your Dream. Chart below comes from

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Financial News

Financial News: Who are the richest people in Malaysia and the world?

This was widely reported. It’s always a popular topic. Who are the richest Malaysians? Why are they so wealthy?Did they become rich recently? Did they build their wealth over time? Were they rich because of the generation before them? Are they rich because of technology? As they say, technology is now driving all the transformation all over the world. ChatGPT for example is one such huge change.

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Malaysian economy and BNM

Meta and Twitter are becoming a smaller company (headcount wise…)

You must have read, somehow. You may be surprised. You may be thinking if this is a global phenomenon. Well, these two companies have been on the news every day. One is helmed by Mark Zuckerberg and the other by Elon Musk. No idea if both are great friends but they have decided that in order for the company to do better in the near future, it’s best to have fewer people on board. Both have decided to lay off 11,000 and 3,700 employees respectively. Do read the below

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US / Dollar related

China’s GDP will surpass the U.S. by when?

China’s a very important trading partner to Malaysia and ASEAN too. In fact, ability to speak Mandarin is likely to be a great booster today because China is already the world’s second largest economy and in terms of actual comparison, China’s economy is bigger than the economy of Germany plus the UK plus India plus Japan and… more. That’s the size of China’s economy yeah. Do take a look at the chart below.

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