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#1 Targeted Engagement  – is a property blog… (individuals who COULD buy a home)

#2  Top of mind, always? – has over 40,000 views per month.

#3  Customised approach? – reviews, write-ups, speaker(s), sales objection handling training for sales people and more.

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Statistically Speaking has over 40,000 visits per month and it appears even on the page 1 of google search for “kl property news”

  • 60% of our readers are male
  • 75% of readers are Malaysians.  Other top 5 readers are from Singapore, the U.S, Hong Kong and Indonesia.   (Global reach, not just within Malaysia)
  • 65% of readers are between the ages of 25 – 44   (first home and upgraders)
  • 26% of readers are between the ages of 45 – 64   (lifestyle and luxury homes)
  • All data as per google analytics, June 2018.


#51 in the Top 100 Property Websites & Blogs for Real Estate Industry Pros by Feedspot. View here. 

# 8 in the Top 25 Malaysia Investment Blogs and Websites for Malaysian Investors by Feedspot. View here. 

#10 in the Top 20 Property News portal in Malaysia. Listed with many GIANT property listing sites.  View here. 

Within “Top Property Sites you should never miss in Malaysia” by View here. 

8 featured Malaysian property sites by (8个马来西亚房地产网站) (over 350,000 visits per month)


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