Fearing the worst for Malaysian banks?

I just wrote this article not too long ago: Important signs for the market; Banks’ results Banks are extremely important because they allow to see way in advance if the market is in trouble. Here’s a THREAT to Malaysian banks. Article in TheStar here. Moody’s Investors Service has announced that property loans are the greatest threat for Malaysian […]

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Buying property is good debt, an asset? 3 issues here.

I favour property investment. I repeat, investment. I disagree with property speculation yeah. Certainly not using whatever method which enables anyone to buy a property or properties beyond what their salaries could afford. For this time, we revisit the thought that buying a property is good because this is a good debt and property will […]

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Smaller increments for many. So, bad for everybody?

It’s year end again. Increments coming soon. Bonuses too. Are you getting one from your boss? Question. When over 90 percent of employers are giving increments, is this considered bad news or good news? As someone who has worked for the past 20 years, there were a few years where I received no increments and […]

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Very good question. Buy landed or buy high-rise? (Focus on price)

I was invited to join my good friend Miichael Yeoh the other day for this talk: “Budget 2019 and the Impact on Properties. Strategies Moving Forward.” In the nearly 2 hour sharing and taking questions from the attendees, one particular question popped up again, as usual. “For property investment, isn’t it better to buy landed because […]

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IOI Properties’s LiVO Referral (Refer and Earn up to RM56,000)

[Sponsored] Some people say it’s best to work two jobs nowadays due to the high cost of living. Actually, there’s another thing we could do. Refer and Earn. We could help our friends and we earn referral fees. This is especially if we know that they are looking for a property their requirements include looking […]

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RM4,000 is equivalent to an extra RM70,000 worth of ‘property’

Buying a property with our own money, that’s most important. Our own money should usually come from savings over a couple of years. It can come from our parents too but should not be from some other speculative sources. This ensures the property price do not rise suddenly. When property prices rises too fast and […]

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iPhone’s softening demand drags down world stock markets?

iPhone users are typically very loyal to the brand. They may be proud to learn that iPhone is a very powerful device. Nope, not talking about its specs. The power of iPhone in affecting world stock markets. Here’s that article saying so in TheStar:  Apple, trade woes sink global stocks; growth worries drag on US$  Due […]

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REALLY thinking about savings in terms of $? Fuel is not the main thing.

Many months back, I debated with a friend who drives a turbo-charged car. He told me that his car’s fuel consumption is even BETTER than my 9 years old Persona 1.6  I told him, I agree!  Then he said, ‘I can save more money.’ I told him to stop joking because there’s no way he […]

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Running away from tax? Don’t show it on social media!

Anyone selling a property in Malaysia these days would have to pay the Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) even if the period of holding has exceeded 5 years.  Here’s an earlier article how to calculate RPGT Selling a property may be easier to tax because these are documented. What happens for some things which are not […]

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Benchmarking the richest people in the world?

If we look at the wealth of a country and divide it by the number of people living in that country, the country with the highest wealth per population is Switzerland. The wealth per adult is US$530,244 (RM2.22 million). The lowest in the top 10 list would be the French with US$280,580 (RM1.17 million). Australians […]

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