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Personal Finance 101: Not enough money. Let us work till 70!?

One of the first few articles I wrote when I started was my lifestyle when I retire. I do think I will stop having any full-time role by 56 years old. When I am 56, my children will be 18 (First Year Uni) and 20 (3rd year Uni respectively). I do not think they like to stay with me and every day listening to my stories, so they will stay at some place nearer to their university and my wife and I would travel.

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ABCs of Personal Finance

EPF Malaysia says RM600,000 needed to retire comfortably

Many years ago, a good friend said that she would need RM2 million to retire not-so-comfortably. That’s many years ago, probably she would have changed the retirement fund aspiration higher. Well, the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) says that Malaysians should have at least RM600,000 in order to retire comfortably in major cities. I read through their chief strategy officer Nurhisham Hussein’s comments and I believe this amount already includes the amount needed for shelter; a roof over our head even if we do not own a property.

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