When should we buy into townships? Beginning or at the end? Both have their advantages.

I love mature neighbourhoods. It has everything I need within minutes, probably less than 5 minutes as soon as I start car’s engine. My wife could to send the kids to school and then drive to the office come home in less than half an hour. There would be school choices from nurseries to primary […]

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Here’s why new townships represent super opportunities – A.H.A!

It’s easy to get carried away with the suggestion that properties are now way too expensive for Malaysians. No one could blame this thought because everyone would usually confine their property thoughts to just the few usual choices; hotspots within Kuala Lumpur for example. When informed about some further away choices, the reply is usually, […]

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Malaysia Vision Valley? Sime Darby Property pushes ahead alone

I think this is what they call an advanced piece of news. Reported in TheStar: Sime to build Malaysia’s largest property project alone; KWAP, Brunsfield out  A few key points about Malaysia Vision Valley. It’s 379,000-acre and is said to be twice the size of Singapore. The partners for this super huge project was Sime Darby Property […]

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Why are hotspots HOT? (and how to buy into a future one) 

If we are currently a young working professional in the KL city centre (office bound job) and we like to buy a place we can call our own, it will usually be a smaller sized home which we could afford and it should be nearby the LRT or MRT. In fact we will most probably […]

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High-Speed Rail cancellation: versus flight tickets and experts’ views

The topic of High-Speed Rail KL – SG was a hotly shared one yesterday and today. Long time back, there were predictions that this HSR may kill the airlines. Well, the KL – SG route is the busiest in the world actually, so perhaps HSR will affect it. Today however there was one Facebook post […]

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1 hour ‘sold out’ landed property launch

When the right property at the right price comes along, buyers are ready, usually. Of course I do wonder if these buyers were buying as an upgrade to a bigger place or a landed property from their current smaller home or high-rise property home. It would be even better if developers were to ask all […]

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A place to feel some ‘magic’ this weekend on 27th January 2018

  Need a place to feel magical about? Specifically fun-filled memories and captivating sights? There’s one upcoming event not to be missed. Set to launch on 27 January 2018, Iringan Bayu, Seremban is a new township that features a natural and holistic living concept. The term Iringan Bayu translates from Malay as ‘The accompanying wind’ […]

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Iringan Bayu presents “Playground of the Wind” (Do not miss it!)

Do you feel excited when you see pinwheels? I do. My kids do. My wife too. Well, how about seeing 20,000 pinwheels at the same time? Bring your family and loved ones to feel the magical moment on 27th January 2017 (coming Saturday) when you attend the launching of Iringan Bayu, Seremban. For families, this […]

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Staying, Owning and Winning; event @ enstek by TH Properties

When we are buying for our own stay, it pays to think on two things. Size and long term. Wherever possible, look at size as your first option because houses in future will definitely become smaller. In fact high-rise may be the only thing we could afford in the future. Secondly, think about long term. […]

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Nilai as a potential home?

I think if you are close to retirement age and has been working and staying nearby KL city centre, this is not something for serious consideration. However for those who have  started working for a few years and is now looking for a spacious home in an area which is already well connected? Note though […]

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