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woman wearing face mask

Please take care yeah. Covid-19 cases are rising.

Please take care yeah. Covid-19 cases are rising. Yea, it’s not as dangerous as last time (I think) I did not know even know I

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mother putting a face mask on her daughter

This is what World Health Organisation declared about Covid-19

I had just reached Kuala Lumpur after 2 weeks of Chinese New Year Holiday in 2020 when everyone was asked to stay inside our own home under the Movement Control Order (MCO). Later, the leader of the house is allowed to go out and buy groceries. After that, things slowly normalise and soon I brought my family for some staycations and after a very long time, we could finally go back to the hometown. Still, everything seemed so dangerous! My parents are no longer as healthy as when I was younger and I was worried all the time. Finally… all these are coming to an end.

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