The famous home rental company may build homes too.

When a company achieves a huge scale and needs further growth, they have to somehow find something else to do. Just as McDonald’s is also a super huge toy company, IKEA is super big with its restaurants too. Now we have another potential. AirBnB is already a familiar name to the world for home rental. […]

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FIABCI Malaysia: No property bubble bursting soon

These days, in my talks, people no longer ask me about the potential of property bubble bursting. Maybe they have forgotten a viral Whatsapp just a few months back about an imminent property bubble bursting. Maybe they are ow very confident with the new government? Anyway, every time anyone asked, I would point out to […]

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Uncertainty is never good for the economy. Reminder to all.

I am against Brexit. I do not think going it alone is going to be beneficial to any country in the European Union. I know there are lots of reasons for and lots of reasons against and that it’s the decision of the majority (of those who voted). By the way, there were enough NON-voters […]

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IMF’s warnings: ‘risk of a sharp tightening of financial conditions’

When stocks are overvalued, stop buying them as if we are in a ‘never ending’ best-seller movie. When properties are overpriced, stop buying as if they are an asset. An asset is also defined as “an item of property owned by a person or company, regarded as having value and available to meet debts, commitments, […]

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When borrowers need not even qualify for it, better be fearful!

Remember subprime-mortgage crisis in 2008? In brief, the banks were lending to borrowers who SHOULD NOT have gotten the loan in the first place. Then, everything collapsed when the borrowers really could not pay. This is the reason why I would not want the banks to lower their lending standards here in Malaysia. Buyers just […]

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High property prices is never a good sign, regardless of country.

It is not a good sign if property prices keep moving up much faster than the salary increments we receive every year. Of course if we get a promotion, the typical increments may be 15-20 percent and this is faster than the typical increment in property prices. However, not everyone gets a promotion every year. […]

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Over-leveraged? Foundation’s wobbly?

Malaysians used to save a lot. I say used to because even for Gen-X like me, I am also struggling to save and stop myself from buying 7 new long sleeve shirts this 2018 Chinese New Year. Let me explain. From 73kg, just a year ago, I am back to 80kg today. It meant that […]

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Cities with potential property bubble bursting?

Someone searched in for this term yesterday “not a safe investment Malaysia 2018” and was referred to  Perhaps this person wanted to know if the property bubble is indeed bursting in 2018 as predicted by some property experts? Too bad, I am just a normal working Malaysians like majority so I can only […]

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Increasing interest rates. Bad news or good news?

Many people fear interest rates hike. Yet, many economists would tell you that increase in rates is not necessarily abad thing. If anything, it may even be signifying a stronger economy. With regards to interest rates, there’s one article worth reading. Briefly, it’s here in TheStar. Even more briefly, it says of potential interest rate hikes […]

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Property bubble bursting? Two things to watch out for.

I read an interesting and easy to understand article in South China Morning Post (SCMP) about the state of property market in Hong Kong. Here’s that article. Hong Kong is an advanced property market and usually, they will experience whatever is to happen first, way before Kuala Lumpur. According to the writer of the article, the […]

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