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Category: Outside Malaysia

When borrowers need not even qualify for it, better be fearful!

Posted in Crisis News, and US / Dollar related

Remember subprime-mortgage crisis in 2008? In brief, the banks were lending to borrowers who SHOULD NOT have gotten the loan in the first place. Then, everything collapsed when the borrowers…


High property prices is never a good sign, regardless of country.

Posted in Crisis News, and Property, KL / Selangor

It is not a good sign if property prices keep moving up much faster than the salary increments we receive every year. Of course if we get a promotion, the…

Cities with potential property bubble bursting?

Posted in Outside Malaysia, and Property, KL / Selangor

Someone searched in for this term yesterday “not a safe investment Malaysia 2018” and was referred to  Perhaps this person wanted to know if the property bubble is…

Crash, No, Crash, No, debate continues. Action is similar.

Posted in Crisis News, Penang Properties (Island), Penang properties (mainland), and Property, KL / Selangor

On one side of the ring, we have a veteran real estate expert, Ernest Cheong who sees 2018 as the year that the property market may crash. The panic may…

2018 stock market crash? Warnings and optimism from JPMorgan.

Posted in Outside Malaysia, and US / Dollar related

Someone googled for ‘stocks collapse 2018’ and they found Two of them. Cool. Anyway, I googled for the same keywords and found under ‘News’ category that there was a…

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