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Housing investment grew 43 percent. Biggest driver of economic growth

It’s not Malaysia yeah. However, whenever we look at the world, we could see one very important sign / fact. When the sentiment is positive, property is one of those things people buy. The reason is simple. A home (shelter) is a need. Meanwhile when we look at history, property prices always go up when we stretch the time longer. Of course if we are looking at Malaysia from 2014 to 2020, then the price increase is much more subdued versus earlier years. However, quarter by quarter, we continue to see a small positive uptrend.

Before you want to tell me that property is not the only investment lah, I want to tell you I know… I am a Mutual Gold member for a very long time already. I also believe very much in the stock market too and continue to hold many counters too. However, property is one of the investments we must not miss or we will be missing out on a lot. Just my personal advice and I have no properties to sell you as I am not from developer, not a real estate agent and not from any financial institution.

Article in canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) expanded at a 5.6 per cent annualised rate in the three-month period according to a report from Statistics Canada. Housing investment grew at an annualised 43 per cent pace, easily the biggest driver of growth. Data is showing that housing is helping country’s economy power through restrictions meant to curb spread of Covid-19. The potential for a sharp rebound is already prompting the Bank of Canada to start paring back its stimulus and warning of higher interest rates. Please do read the full article here: Article in

Would property investment also drive Malaysia’s GDP growth?

At the moment, we are all at home. So the answer is no. However, home Ownership Campaign (HOC) has been extended and if we look at the trend over a few years, it does seem that Q3 and Q4 would show higher property transaction numbers too. So, we do have this potential of the property market roaring back as soon as vaccinations start to show more positive signs. Some property speakers who said that 2022 is going to be a bullish year has pushed this back to 2023. I would not want to say they are wrong just yet. 😛

An overview of vaccines and vaccinations, okay?

Total vaccines coming in June and July would for the very first provide Malaysia with a problem of HOW FAST could we vaccinate versus previous problem which was much harder; how to get vaccines to arrive earlier. Total registered for vaccines is around 12 million. Total vaccinations number slightly above 3 million. Total vaccines coming just within June and July are estimated to be over 10 million just for Sinovac. We would also have deliveries from AZ and Pfizer too. Plus that news about orders for Russia’s Sputnik too. In other words, it’s enough to give everyone one dose IF we could vaccinate fast enough. Or, we could already hit 6 million Malaysians fully vaccinated with two doses. For my fellow Malaysian’s sake, I hope all these would come true.

Stay home and hope your first dose vaccination will come soon enough. I completed my 1st dose AZ on 22nd May. My experience here.

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