Smaller increments for many. So, bad for everybody?

It’s year end again. Increments coming soon. Bonuses too. Are you getting one from your boss? Question. When over 90 percent of employers are giving increments, is this considered bad news or good news? As someone who has worked for the past 20 years, there were a few years where I received no increments and […]

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Crest Builder: Higher sales, higher profits (good sign for industry)

If we ask our real estate negotiator friends, nearly all would tell us that it’s harder to sell to prospective buyers these days. So, is the property market in trouble? Asking the first-time home buyer or even the ones who are still waiting to buy may not yield the best answer. It’s better to look […]

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Permanent closure of Jalan Bristol (route B25) at Lagong Estate

Press Release by Sime Darby Properties Permanent closure of Jalan Bristol (route B25) at Lagong Estate, Selangor beginning 3 December 2018 ARA DAMANSARA, 30 November 2018 – Sime Darby Property advises the public that Jalan Bristol (route B25) at the Lagong Estate, Selangor will be closed permanently to all traffic beginning 3 December 2018 (Monday). Jalan Bristol traverses across private land owned by […]

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Indoor Potted Plants from IOI Properties for you. (FREE)

[Sponsored] I love plants. My balcony is full of plants. From cactuses to chilli and ladies finger as well as a crawling unknown and pineapples, I am really trying to plant lots of stuffs. It’s always good to start planting some plants. My two kids have their own small potted plants too. Well, now you can […]

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RM8 billion more investments into Johor in 2019

One of the latest updates about Iskandar Johor was in an earlier article here. It’s about RTS, flights and ferry Let’s just say that for me, the catalyst for future growth between both Johor and Singapore would have to be the Rail Transit System (RTS). As for property needs, here’s an earlier article.: Johor needs many more […]

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Erm… this limitation is NOT needed. IMHO. KL is a CITY…

On a yearly basis, I visit the pubs / bars  probably 12 times. That’s around once per month. I do not usually stay past midnight. However, if anyone were to ask me if I think the cars / pubs should just stop their operations at 1am, my answer is of course not. Are we asking […]

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KPKT needs more land (even from other ministries). Let’s help.

I firmly believe every Malaysian needing help to own a home should be helped to own a home. Without a property, any household would always be poor because they could never enjoy any capital appreciation from a property they own. Even a RM200,000 property can still be worth half a million when retirement comes. Here’s […]

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Premium due to ‘next to’ MRT station? Here are some thoughts.

Should we pay premium then for developments which are next to LRT / MRT stations then? Answer is Yes because they do deserve some premium over developments which are further away. Oh yeah, it’s definitely not wise to buy if the rental is no longer able to cover the monthly mortgage yeah. There’s a limit […]

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Suing Fox for RM4.19 billion. Market capitalisation dropped RM4.89 billion.

Everytime I visit Genting Highlands, I could see the progress of their upcoming new theme park, Fox World. An earlier article here: Genting Highland’s Sky Avenue  I think I will have to wait for a much longer time for the theme park to be opened. Genting Highland has filed a suit of US$1bil suit against Walt Disney […]

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Discovery Park by Gamuda to be ready in mid-2019

New townships are in focus these days. They are usually found over 30 minutes from the city centre. This is where developers could have a large piece of land for developments over the next 10-15 years. Every developer is trying to build up the attractiveness of such a township because they are usually not your […]

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