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Property Rental News: A fine for owners renting out “grave-like” rooms

double decker bed in the kid s bedroom

Property Rental News: A fine for owners renting out “grave-like” rooms

“Grave-like rooms”

Okay, I did not know that there’s regulations against owners who rent out rooms which are “grave-like.” I have read about the news on how landlords are maximising their rental income by dividing their rooms or even putting two double decker beds into the same room so that instead of two persons, now the same room could accommodate four pax. The living room may also be sub-divided to have an extra room for example. Well, just need to note that if the owners go to the extent of renting out “grave-like” rooms, then they will be fined by the Local Government Development Ministry.

Article in Local Government Development Minister Nga Kor Ming said that stern action will be taken against premises owners who rent out “grave-like” rooms. He said, “Some of these rented rooms are narrow and small. There is no proper ventilation and windows that might lead to health and fire risks.

On Tuesday (Oct 10), Sinar Harian reported that the rooms were initially built for foreign workers but were now mostly rented by university students, ehailing and food delivery riders.

It is learned that all 38 cage-like rooms, measuring 126 sq ft per room, were located at a double-storey shop lot in the Klang Valley. The rent was between RM300 and RM350 a month, inclusive of electricity and water supply.

Nga said several actions could be taken against the irresponsible premises owners including demolishing the structure and fines. “The owner shall pay the local authority the cost of expenses of demolishing the structure and more.

He added that that those with information about similar issues may lodge reports to the ministry. Please do read the article in full here: Article in

No proper ventilation and windows leading to health and fire risks

I would hope that there are guidelines which are clear so that it’s easy to refer to for the landlords and also the tenants too. Truth is, I sometimes do wonder why such places also have people wanting to rent and then I realise perhaps it’s really due to options. Many times, these tenants are only using the space to sleep too, that’s why to them it does not matter that much whether it’s a big room or just a bed space too.

More transparent information would be very good so that landlords do not take advantage of the situation and tenants also know their rights too. Let’s keep following and see what’s the next action which the Local Government Development Ministry will be taking since this is already a reported case by Sinar Harian.

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