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Property Rental News: Shoplot 3 floors can become how many rooms for rental?

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Property Rental News: Shoplot 3 floors can become how many rooms for rental?

The answer I get is always 500 sq ft or higher

I have asked this same question no less than 8 times to the participants during my talks. “What is the minimum size you can accept if you are staying alone.”? The answer is always 500 sq ft or higher. Somehow we are used to having sufficient size and is unable to accept some smaller space…

Now for my second question. How many rooms can 3 floors of a shoplot be divided into? If you know the actual answer to the number of rooms which are possible within a shoplot of 3 floors, then you are following these ‘small’ news very actively. Yea, it’s a very ‘small’ room yea. Honestly, I did not know that it’s really possible too. Then again, it’s reported in all main media outlets, so it should be true yeah. Read the official one in below.

Article in Local Government Development Minister Nga Kor Ming led a raid to a shoplot in Taman Maluri, Cheras. WIth thim were officers from his ministry together with officials from the Fire and Rescue Department and Kuala Lumpur City Hall.

This four-storey building has the ground floor serving as a shop and first floor has 38 shoebox rooms, 23 rooms on second floor and 17 on the third floor. This is a total of 78 rooms within 3 floors.

On the first floor, the rooms were partitioned into lower and upper levels, with ladders fitted to allow tenants to climb to their rooms above. These rooms were so narrow that one could only crawl in instead of walking in.

They lacked windows, with a mere small hole in the wall in each room for ventilation.

Furthermore, the tenants on each floor had to share a single toilet and bathroom, which were both poorly maintained. Tenants were paying RM300 for the shoebox rooms.

Nga said, “This poses dangers of diseases and fire hazard. This cannot be allowed.” Article in

RM300 for a shoebox sized ‘room’

Is the reason because these tenants just could not get a proper room elsewhere? They could share the room and the condition would still be better than the ‘shoebox’ room. If they could not get a proper room elsewhere, it’s time to find out why. Could it be the tenant wanted a place close to their working place? Is it because they worked 2 shifts per day? Is it because they are foreigners and thus finds it harder to get a place? The root cause would lead to the answers. We need to do better than this even if they are foreign workers here in Malaysia.

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