Best place always; Retire in Ipoh.

Just days ago, someone in America gave Ipoh a ranking of top 10 MOST AFFORDABLE place to retire in the world. Full report is here: She wrote that Ipoh is a very good place to retire because one only need a monthly budget of US$897. Based on today’s exchange rate, this is about RM2,850 per … Read moreBest place always; Retire in Ipoh.

Camp Cool, Times Square of Ipoh, Treetops and sustainable development

It’s me again, reporting about Ipoh. Do you know a good word to describe Ipoh? Timeless. Or another one, Nostalgic. How about two words? It’s called ‘sustainable development’. I mean until today, in all the major cities, which city has changed the least? Penang? KL? JB? Or even KK or Kuching or even Melaka! Some … Read moreCamp Cool, Times Square of Ipoh, Treetops and sustainable development

Barrington Square – Where’s this?

It is 5,000 feet above sea level. It includes apartments as well as shops. Gross built up is from 592 sf – 1,345 sf. The first sentence from this project is, ‘Enjoy life’s simple pleasure’. This is also a hill which I go with my family once every year, sort of a family steamboat cum … Read moreBarrington Square – Where’s this?

Luxury condo and Ipoh Jam

How many times have you heard of jams caused by the MRT project? How about the jam across the causeway from JB to Singapore? The next news, you would not hear often. JAM in IPOH caused by a 23-storey luxury condo development! Yes, heavy jams in my beloved city of Ipoh because of the construction … Read moreLuxury condo and Ipoh Jam

Ipoh Developments – Latest – March 2014

News about more developments in Ipoh is always a good news to me. Many of my Penangites friend dared not tell me these days that Ipoh is only a Ngar Choy Kai town. I did not punch all of them, merely bringing many of them to Ipoh to taste what food varieties Ipoh has to … Read moreIpoh Developments – Latest – March 2014

Retirement Village – What and Why?

In Malaysia, majority of us have never heard of such a term before. ‘Retirement Village?’ Why can’t I just retire in my hometown? Why would I need a retirement village? Furthermore, I have to pay for it and move out from my current home to a place which may not be that near to the … Read moreRetirement Village – What and Why?

Four reasons ‘retirement village’ may work in Malaysia

Last week, I wrote about retirement village in Malaysia. Some asked, would this work? It may work in developed countries but Malaysia? It may be tough. I cannot say for sure but I think if a few conditions are met, it may just take off easily. Let’s look at four. Affordability. Let’s be very honest. … Read moreFour reasons ‘retirement village’ may work in Malaysia

Buying Ipoh Property for retirement?

My colleague asked me just a few days ago, ‘Should I buy Ipoh property’ today? I was thinking Ipoh might be a good place to retire since KL properties are becoming so expensive. Penang is even higher priced since it is just an island.’  I told her if she really like to retire in Ipoh, … Read moreBuying Ipoh Property for retirement?

Property Transaction and Prices – 1H2010 – 1H2013 (actual numbers)

A picture is worth a thousands words. Thanks to Mr.Michael Geh, Senior Partner of Raine & Horne, we have a very clear chart on the number of transactions in Malaysia from 1H 2010 to 1H 2013. I remembered in 2011, everytime a new project was launched, it was completely sold out within days. It is … Read moreProperty Transaction and Prices – 1H2010 – 1H2013 (actual numbers)

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