Butter Cake tried and tested recipe

This is a very easy to do cake. In fact I would recommend this to anyone who is starting because this gives a good foundation to whatever cakes you may want to bake in the future. It tastes good as well which is huge plus. The time needed is also very manageable too, unlike cheesecakes … Read moreButter Cake tried and tested recipe


J J Cafe, Ipoh

I had wanted to bring my wife and baby daughter here the day before. However, my baby daughter decided to sleep through the tea break time, so the plan was cancelled. This morning, as soon as she woke up from her morning nap at 11am, we came. JJ Cafe, Ipoh. First of all, for those … Read moreJ J Cafe, Ipoh

Kungfu Paradise, Paradigm Mall

We wanted to go Teh Tarik Place again but it did not have dinner sets. So, we walked a few more shops and saw Kungfu Paradise. We decided to try it because my wife said that we went to a similar cafe before. I told her ‘nolah, where got.’ Haha. We went in, immediately the … Read moreKungfu Paradise, Paradigm Mall

Pelita, Ipoh.

It was raining and we needed a breakfast place. There is a PELITA inside Tesco Ipoh. Thus we decided to go to Pelita for breakfast followed by a Tesco shopping trip. Honestly, amongst nasi kandar fans, Pelita is hardly mentioned as a top ten places for nasi kandar, even in Penang. However, it is perfect … Read morePelita, Ipoh.

Hometown Hainan coffee, SS two mall

It was 430pm and as usual, we were hungry yet again. With baby in my body hugging carrier, we went in search for some snacks and perhaps a cup of coffee. I remember I saw an Old Town just now my wife told me. It must be that side, she pointed and we walked as … Read moreHometown Hainan coffee, SS two mall

Teh Tarik – Favourite of many

We have been going to mamak often. So often that every now and then, a new one opens. Everyone has also been up in arms over food ranking especially where Makaysia and Singapore is concerned. Some say Penang is a food haven and that Singaporean food is only for those who want to eat so … Read moreTeh Tarik – Favourite of many

Segamat roasted kopi by Oriental Cravings in 1 Utama

My wife and I were exhausted, hungry and thirsty. we wanted to go to cafe where magazine were provided for free reading. However, we chanced upon this cafe, called Oriental Cravings. As it was already 5pm, we decided to just take the toast and drinks. I saw something interesting, ‘Segamat Roasted Coffee’ in the … Read moreSegamat roasted kopi by Oriental Cravings in 1 Utama

Huan choo leng – what’s that?

Look at the photo. For those who know what it is, congratulations. You have tasted something much nicer than the typical pau. For those who has yet to, quickly show this photo to your pau vendor and buy one. If you pau vendor does not have one, time to look for a new one. 🙂 … Read moreHuan choo leng – what’s that?

Vietnamese Coffee vs Luwak Coffee

One is a common drink you can find in Vietnam. It consists of a special roasting process using Robusta coffee beans which is the cheapest beans in the world. This is in comparison to Liberica and Arabica. When you drink Starbucks or Coffee Bean or majority of all the cafes using the Italian pressure method, … Read moreVietnamese Coffee vs Luwak Coffee


I am a papa and I want to be rich, so I go to Paparich? 🙂  Actually I have never liked Paparich. Yet somehow I have been to Paparich for many times. Old friend’s gathering, Toastmasters’ meeting and most recently, it was the more affordable choices amongst all the typical RM30 per person kind of … Read morePaparich

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