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Wooing property buyers, local and foreign. Focus on many reasons, not just price.

Most of my friends from overseas love Malaysia when they came visiting for the very first time. A few days ago, I met an international motivational speaker from Dubai who told me that he has visited Malaysia a few times and he loved it here. He has visited many countries throughout the year to speak. I forgot to ask him to buy a property here but you know, once you are visiting a country quite often and you love it, property usually becomes something probable.

A few days ago, a developer asked me if I could speak in Cantonese. The reason was because they may bring me along for their trip to Hong Kong. I think Hong Kong is a hot target currently. With the current uncertainty, some of the Hong Kong people who could afford an overseas property will seek some stability somewhere. Starting new is not something uncommon to them anyway because Hong Kong was another one of those tiny place without much resources long time ago. Malaysian developers believe more foreigners will be buying Malaysian properties soon.

Article in Mah Sing Group Bhd founder and group MD Tan Sri Leong Hoy Kum is confident that there will be more transactions involving foreign buyers soon. He said, “At present, we are engaging local and overseas agencies, along with a series of digital marketing initiatives lined-up to market our products in an effort to continue to leverage on the current interest from foreign buyers.”

“We are seeing overwhelming interests from Hong Kong buyers in our properties, especially from those who have excess funds and are turning to Malaysia for property investments in view of our many attractive qualities, including tropical weather, cleaner air and a good education system, among others.”

Gamuda Land COO Aw Sei Cheh said this about foreign buyers. “Our experience also tells us that foreign buyers are more interested in properties that are under construction compared to completed projects as they plan for their second home (in the) years ahead.” Please do read the full Article in has 25% visitors who are from overseas every month and this has been a stable number for a long time. This is why I confidently tell people that Malaysian properties do not just attract the locals. Of course whether these interest with Malaysian properties will translate into more buying needs more effort from Malaysian developers yeah.

In fact I think they love Malaysia more than some Malaysians. So, why should these overseas buyers buy into the Malaysian property market? Lower prices versus other countries because of our currency strength? If this is the main reason, I will worry for the buyer. Should it not be for potential returns, for EQUAL RIGHTS with the local buyers, the diversity of places of interest and more? Plus the fact that statistics have shown that when we look at historical price trends of up and down throughout the years, the average is still a positive number? These reasons will all be important to share too. Happy promoting.

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