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Metal rat year is the year to build up our cash pile and reduce our debts.

What are your thoughts for 2020? What’s your own vision 2020? Work two jobs to save money faster? Negotiate for the very best price and buy another property? For new real estate agents, build the team and start making good commissions? I have lots of wishes this year. One of it is for to reach a new high for number of visits per month. Plus more followers yeah. (click and follow please). 🙂

Oh yeah, my Chinese zodiac is snake. I am not so sure about all the other zodiacs but for mine, it has always been good. The reason is because regardless of what the year brings for me, I just have to try and make the best of it. If the prediction from any Feng Shui master is that it will be a bad year to change jobs BUT your boss is really driving you crazy, do you change job or not?

However if the advice is to cut debts, build cash and make more friends, what would you do? I will follow the advice. It’s not just valid from the Feng Shui perspective, it’s valid. Now let’s listen to a famous Fengshui master, Datuk Joey Yap.

Article in Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics founder Datuk Joey Yap shared that from Feng Shui astrology perspective 2020 will be a sluggish year. He advice? Reserve your cash (6 months if possible to face potential unemployment), reduce debt (or only GOOD DEBTS like HOUSING LOANS) and build your social network for future employment opportunities. The year of the Metal Rat year will begin on 4 February 2020.

Yap said, “Many people anticipate the recession will come, I am not so sure when but from the [Feng Shui astrology] chart, it could be in end-2020 or early 2021 as the Metal element gets weaker in 3Q2020.” However he says that one should not be discouraged. “Be courageous to take the right move and embrace the challenges in the right way to give one more options to solve their problems.” Please do read the full article in here for more of his Feng Shui related advice.

By the way, there is no doubt that the property market is still in a slow motion mode. However, when occasional opportunities pop up, do not miss it and one will regret it later when the market moves faster again. This may just be the time for everyone to read more and know more because buying a property is not like buying vegetables in the market. My friend just finished his Master Degree. Another friend will be finishing her REA certification course soon. Have you started yours? It can be any new qualification. Happy pursuing something worthwhile for 2020.

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