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Train from KL to China. What do you think?

Train from KL to China. What do you think?

KL to China by train

One major advantage of train versus plane is that with the train, the journey itself is an adventure. It’s really possible to visit 10 different places with a train journey of 1,000km versus a typical 1.5 hours journey via a plane and it’s just from destination A to B. Of course, the total duration via the train could be one whole day or more but that’s the beauty yeah. We have the convenience of visiting places along the train journey with every stop along the way.

My very own experience tells me this is going to be lots of fun

I have taken the bullet train from Tokyo all the way to Fukuoka. It was a very wonderful experience indeed. I passed cities like Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka and even visited the Toyota manufacturing plant too. I definitely could not do it by flying.

I have also taken the train across many European nations because they have a great network too. Buy ticket in one country and get to travel in all the other countries too. I think it benefits all the countries when people drop by, spend money and continue dropping by and spending money along the way.

Hey, we may be able to do so too. Take the train from Malaysia and continue to stop by along the way to China! In fact it could be from Johor Bahru all the way to Kunming.

Article in Transport Minister Anthony Loke said the ambitious rail network connecting Malaysia and China would need further collaboration from Thailand and Laos to discuss ways to partner in building a railway linking the two countries. It is likely to start from Johor Bahru all the way to Kunming in China.

He said, “Building this network is possible, and I call upon the Chinese government to help facilitate these exchanges.

“And hopefully, China can play an important role in helping to convince other countries, such as Laos and Thailand, so that we can one day have seamless rail services between Southeast Asia and China.”

“I look forward to this collaboration. And it is not only for the transportation of goods but also passenger train service between Malaysia and China.” Please do read the full article here: Article in

Please get this plan up and going. It will benefit all.

I will continue to follow this news and if there are new developments, I will also report here. I do think our Transport Minister would be able to do wonders. This is a very long term plan and this is the reason it has to start asap. China would definitely be the lead in this yeah. Meanwhile Thailand and Malaysia should use this to link us even closer to one another. Prosper Thy Neighbour is still applicable yeah.

I am super sure there are many Malaysians who just want to take weeks of holidays to enjoy every city along the railway line. This includes me too. I think I can try to travel during the school holidays with my kids. I think if we split it into a few trips, we should be able to cover the rail from Johor Bahru all the way to Kunming. What an adventure it would be.

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