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Pangkor has more to offer and not just to buy duty-free cigarettes yeah.

When I was still young, I visited Pangkor Island at least once yearly. Reason? The sea was a much clearer one compared to Teluk Batik beach which I go 2-3 times a year, at least. Teluk Batik beach or even Pangkor island is in Perak by the way. Why do I go Teluk Batik? My father’s hometown is Sitiawan. The other reason to go Pangkor? Seafood was fresh and there were some tourist attractions such as a Dutch Fort, a replica of the Great Wall of China (not available anymore), hiking and many other simple stuffs. Everyone, do you know that beginning 1st January 2020, Pangkor Island is now a duty-free island?

Article in Perak state Tourism, Arts and Culture Committee chairman Tan Kar Hing said that Pulau Pangkor’s new duty-free island status will encourage more tourists to visit the island resort. He also shared that tourist arrivals to Pulau Pangkor had declined for the last 5 years but this should change soon. He said, “We view Pulau Pangkor’s new duty-free status as an interesting development. We expect it will help the island to regain its popularity.”

Tan also said that the Perak government will invite the private sector to build a shopping mall and a three-star hotel on the island. Besides that, the state government has plans to upgrade the ferry services to cater to more passengers besides the island’s iconic pink taxis. Please do refer to the Article in

Actually, I have not visited it for some time already, probably a few years though I continue to visit Sitiawan periodically. There’s now a reason to visit; duty-free status. HOWEVER, if we are to promote Pangkor island only for duty-free cigarettes for example, then I think it will soon become forgotten…

It would be good if there are more details about the number of tourists to Pangkor island today and whether it will be enough to sustain visits to the mall versus ensuring there are immediately availability of shops selling duty-free goods first. As for the 3-star hotel, are there studies being done to show the potential tourist arrivals and whether they have enough things to do in Pangkor island that they have to stay overnight?

The reason is because there are already plenty of accommodation just a ferry trip away from Pangkor island. Everyone needs to be aware that property development needs to be based on need and needs to be sustainable. It is never the building which is hard, it is the maintaining and growing which is much harder. Happy visiting yeah. I will, soon.

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