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IKEA Malaysia and the property market

IKEA Malaysia

IKEA Malaysia and the property market. What’s the relevance?

Do you love to go to any stores of IKEA Malaysia?

I do. I love to go to IKEA (most of the time the one in Damansara) but I have been to the one in Cheras and the one in Penang too. I love to go again and again even if at the end I only buy a couple of items after spending 2 hours there. It’s very relaxing for me in my opinion. We also learnt so many new things too. “Oh… it can be arranged this way too…” Or, the children’s room can also have this arrangement too…

Everytime I am there, I also become an observer. I would always think how do they know what are the things we need for our home anyway? How can they always have things for me to buy which I thought is a great idea to buy? Perhaps it has to do with just appeal via showing it versus trying to hardsell… Remember, instead of ‘Please do not sit’ in most furniture, shops, IKEA Malaysia welcomes us to try the sofa, the bed and well, everything before we buy.

Now, we have some good news about IKEA Malaysia.

Article in IKEA Malaysia operations made a combined turnover of RM1.3 billion from September 2020 until August 2021.  Sales were mainly derived from IKEA Damansara and IPC shopping centre, IKEA Cheras and MyTown shopping centre, IKEA Tebrau and Toppen shopping centre, and IKEA Batu Kawan and Batu Kawan Link, Ikano Retail said in a statement yesterday.

IKEA Malaysia’s online sales more than doubled for the period to RM247 million. Ikano Retail CEO Christian Rojkjaer said, “We lost 17% of our trading days, faced the worst supply challenges in our history and contended with limits on food operations and further restrictions.” Please do read the full article here with more details: Article in

IKEA Malaysia will always be popular (in my opinion)

New home owners will always put IKEA as one of the choices for their furnishings. Current home owners, they will always look at IKEA for ideas and probably bought a couple of items. Meanwhile some will just visit for fun since they can even buy pots, pans, knives and even printed paintings over there. PLUS… the ice-cream and the curry puffs too. Haha. Clever marketing by the way, to sooth all the visitors with something sweet after the shopping.

With a recovering property market, I think IKEA will become even more popular yeah. Stay safe and have enough social distancing please.

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Header Photo by Selim Can Işık from Pexels

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