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Did you know the origin of your cup of coffee? Top 10 countries where they come from?


Did you know the origin of your cup of coffee?

Did you know that cafes have also influenced many newer townships and even the perception of certain developments? Imagine a township with only kopitiams and no nice cafes today… Anyway, that’s another story. Today, let’s just look at the origin of coffee.

Arabica beans – more expensive than Robusta yeah

Generally, there’s the Arabica coffee beans which is usually used in cafes selling you a glass of Americano for RM8. These beans are more aromatic but not as strong in taste versus Robusta beans. it’s more expensive because we cannot simply grow it anywhere we like. Usually it thrives in highlands. That’s why every time we buy some Arabica beans, they will show the altitude of where the coffee plantation is. Yes, I love coffee and have spent a lot on them during this MCO period. However I saved a lot of money too! Click here to read my experience.

Robusta beans – cheaper than Arabica, easier to grow

Robusta beans are meanwhile cheaper than Arabica, less aromatic but has a stronger taste. Robusta coffee trees can be grown in most places and does not need to be grown on highlands. Thus, a cup of kopi-o in the local kopitiam may just be RM2.

This is 4x cheaper than a glass of Americano but it’s also because of the environment too yeah. Cost of operations for a cafe is higher because it has to be comfortable. A kopitiam meanwhile is mor elike a touch and go kind of place. Try drinking your cup of coffee for an hour and see what happens… Haha. Okay, nothing will happen usually.

What do we usually drink in the kopitiams then?

Many times, the local coffee which we drink here in Malaysia, they combine both (of course less Arabica in the mix) to make an even better cup of coffee. For example, many white coffee we drink in Ipoh tastes good because of this clever combination. Now, let’s look at all the top coffee producing countries from around the world. By the way, Malaysia is not within the top 10 but we certainly are not too bad too. Malaysia produced 3,559 TONNES. (not kg yeah. 1 tonne = 1,000 kg) in 2019. (Info source here)

Top Coffee Producing Countries Voronoi
Image Source:

My preferred coffee beans?

I drank a lot of coffee just within the MCO period. Here’s that earlier article about it and showing all the coffee which I have consumed. Save lots of money from drinking coffee, good beans too I think I have consumed coffee from nearly all the countries in the image above yeah. What’s my preferred one?

I always find Ethiopia beans as better than the rest. My personal preference. As for the rest, go ahead and try them yourself yeah. Haha. Yes, there are a few countries in the list which I have stopped buying altogether. It’s not here but hey, Malaysia produces some Arabica beans too. You can get them in Shopee. Just search for Sabarica yeah. The beans have its own special characteristics too. It has that flowery kind of taste which is really nice. It is not bitter, not chocolatey and not sourish.

Now you know a little more about the coffee which you are drinking everyday yeah.

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