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Family Fun. Picnic @ ASEAN Sculpture Garden.

If you are a family with young kids and staying in Kuala Lumpur / Selangor just like me and just needed a place to chill out during the weekends, this may be the one. It’s also NOT crowded which is super important at this point in time. This is the ASEAN Sculpture Garden. Show you a photo as a start. It’s shady and the grass is also even enough. If you can see a Decathlon blue color big bag, that’s where my carpet is. Comfortably under the shade of that three.

asean sculpture garden

My two kids loved running around the grass field. They also cycled a bit. By the way, if they fall down on the grass, it will be okay versus a concrete floor. We had picnic under the shady trees too. So, yes, this is definitely a good spot if you love to just bring some food, some hot water to brew a fresh cup of coffee and well, just relax and let the kids run a bit.

asean sculpture garden

Google map showing where it is. This park is just right across the road from the Perdana Botanical Garden. As soon as you turn in from the main road, it’s on your left yeah.

There are also seats under the shade if you prefer not to be on the grass. I would say pretty comfortable even for groups and I did not try out the FREE WIFI.

asean sculture garden

Toilet is also clean and very airy too. 20 sen per entry which I am super willing to pay as long as it is very well maintained.

asean sculture garden

Lots of nice landscaping and even I think it would be great after 5pm too.

asean sculture garden

If you notice, the water in the stream is clear too. So, this is a good sign that it’s not polluted and well maintained.

asean sculpture garden
asean sculture garden

Bring your own hot water, brew your own coffee with a plunger pot. Add in some soya milk and enjoy it while your kids are running all around you. Buy some nice chips. I recommend Calbee. It’s definitely possible to bring along some cakes which has been sliced in advance and the picnic is complete.

asean sculpture garden

Okay, enough Family Fun for this week. Till the next one then. In the mean time, enjoy a happy time with your family yeah.

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