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RENs in Malaysia. Exceptional or should be an Exception?

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RENs in Malaysia. Exceptional or Exception? is a real estate negotiator (REN) friendly site. We help new RENs to quickly understand property market and investment. We help refresh the experienced ones with updates on property market too. Thank you for reading and sharing all these years since 2013. Wow, is 8 years plus already.

We also believe it’s important that any buying / selling of properties should be done professionally and we should stop having all these hanky-panky going on in the property market. Illegal brokers, illegal agents and more. I have worked with many RENs in Malaysia. Exceptional ones, good ones and not up to par ones. Yeah, also the exception ones. Means I do not wish to deal with them anymore.

Exceptional RENs?

Exceptional ones include the one who managed to convince me that buying a property in Kelana Jaya despite still being based in Penang is definitely possible and a good choice too. She connected me to an opportunity. Bought it for RM183,000 via this friendly agent and sold it for RM460,000 via another knowledgeable agent.

Another one was someone who helped to ensure my tenant got the support needed when there was a heavy rain and one of the windows started leaking due to the heavy rain. He arranged for repairs the very next day and my tenant stayed with me for the next 4 years! Both were awesome Real Estate Negotiators.

Not up to par RENs?

Many instances yeah. Example, ‘what’s the size of this unit?’ REN: Oh, the size is xxxxxx. Wait, let me recheck. Oh it’s xxxxx. Me: “how many feet extra do I have for the backyard?” REN: Oh, I do not know, let me go measure now.” OMG… Are you really the appointed REN for this property developer or you have too many appointments and this particular one is just not your cup of tea?

Second instance. I arrived at the viewing unit and the REN arrived 5 minutes after me. Then, the REN said sorry because he has FORGOTTEN to bring the keys to the unit. OMG… you have wasted a few hours of my time. Plus, why did you not arrive earlier, go into the unit, see if things are not in order, switch on the fans etc? You want to earn professional fees as a REN right? It’s not just opening the door…

RENs in Malaysia
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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RENs in Malaysia, let’s be professional, else do something else

Actually RENs are supposed to be professionals in their own field. That’s the reason why they get agent fee for successful transaction(s). This fee is called professional fee. Many people buying for the first time would deal with a REN for the very first time in their life. Help them well because they would soon be a second-time buyer too.

Many who are buying for the second time may call back their RENs in Malaysia who had served them before and ask for opinions. Many seasoned investors team up with a few RENs who helps them to monitor the market for good deals. So, what makes a good REN? Personally, they should have the four criteria below.

Work with a licensed agency.

RENs must be RENs. Work under a licensed agency please. No brokers please. Get serious. A good agency typically have trainings for their RENs too. This allows the RENs to learn how to serve their customers well and the agency to reap the benefits from hiring and training these RENs.

Typically the base pay for RENs (if any) are not enough to sustain them but with the right training, the REN would be able to reap the benefits of closing more deals and faster too. It also shows a lot if the REN tells the customer that they have been in the industry for many years.

Be prepared and knowledgeable.

I hate it when I ask the agent, ‘Is this leasehold?’ and the agent answers, ‘I don’t know’. Or I ask, ‘Is this the best time to buy?’ and the agent answers, ‘Of course’ and nothing else. As a buyer, I would definitely want to know more about the property that I am buying.

RENs in Malaysia should read more. RENs should do enough homework. It is ok to specialize in certain areas like what a lot of RENs do. This way you know about the area well and are able to assist the buyers when needed. Some RENs I know can tell their customers the price per sq ft for nearby developments too.


Always be Diligent. 

Beyond just hardworking, the agent should do more, meet more, view more and do everything more than others. It’s not rocket science. Practise makes perfect. If I would like to view a property, even on Saturday, why not?

Remember, everything starts from somewhere and whether you sell a house or not is all about probability. The more you do, the higher the chances, that’s all. Just need to note that if most RENs start work at 11am, then the ones starting at 9am has a 2 hour head start. Early bird catches the worm. Simple fact.

Build a strong network. 

Be a buddy to the first-time buyer. They know very little. Help them know more. Be helpful even to first time buyer who were only buying a RM123,000 home. This buyer may eventually have properties in 6 cities / towns in Malaysia. This poor first-time buyer may recommend his friend who may buy a RM1.2 million property from you.

Get to know bankers. Get to know prominent property gurus. Get to know anyone and everyone and make a good impression. Give them a name card, jot down their name and ask them, what kind of property they love and if they would like to know if you found such properties. Chances are they would say yes and your network grows once they start recommending you.

Tough Life but if it’s easy, then the rewards would be thin

It’s tough life in the first year as a REN, normally. Within the first 3-6 months, many would have quit. However, there is also a group who could suddenly do very well within 3-6 months too. The commission is unlimited (based on effort) once you get started to get sustained results. Just remember that when the goings get tough, the tough gets going.

Once the deals start and you put in even more efforts, then your confidence grows and you can do more with less especially with your expanded network. There are definitely many more reasons but if the RENs could focus on these, they should be fine.

Remember, when everyone can do well, the industry grows and not many buyers / sellers will not want to use illegal brokers. This is my wish for RENs in Malaysia. All the best.

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