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Property Investment 101: Selling my property by myself or using a real estate negotiator?

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Property Investment 101: Selling my property by myself or using a real estate negotiator?

I love properties. That’s why I focus on properties versus spending unnecessary time on the admin part, opening the door for viewing part, fixing issues of my tenant part and many other parts. I think RENs have played an important part in my property investment thus far and I am happy to write this article to support them.

Just 8 reasons why I prefer to use real estate negotiators

#1 – Good ones are really good

I was trying to sell a condo and was unable to sell it for RM440,000. Then one said, … SPEND MONEY!

He said, ‘fresh coat of paint would help.’ Well, he’s a professional. I am just a home seller. I followed his advice and voila… he sold the SAME condo with a fresh coat of paint for RM460,000. No idea how he did it but I am super happy to pay him the commission. Extra RM20,000 is worth every sen paid!

#2 – They have wider connection lah

Sometimes, we think we can save money by doing it by ourselves. I wanted to sell my condo in Sabah. I engaged a real estate negotiator and gave him exclusivity. He managed to sell my property in 2 weeks. They have their own connections and this is by far better than us trying to put on our FB lah, trying some website and skimping on REN commission fees etc. Waiting to sell for 6 months is a cost yeah. Better get the money faster to do something productive instead.

#3 They offer good advice and they make sure things happen

My Penang REN once told me that it would fetch a better premium with fully furnished condo. That was long time ago when people prefers to rent empty units. Well, he’s a professional. So, I followed his advice and has never had any issues in renting out the unit and has always been able to get amazing tenants too. Do you have any tenant who is paying rental on 1st of the month every month? I have. With the help from my amazing Penang REN.

#4 They are my best assistants and has the expertise

Penang case. It was 11pm at night. My tenant called and said the rain was heavy and one of the rooms was wet due to rain water seeping in. I told my real estate agent and he called the tenant and taught her what to do. the next day, he went to the unit with a contractor and helped to seal up the loose rubber seal or whatever. My tenant continued to be happy and always pay my rental on time. My real estate agent deserves the commission whether he is selling or renting out my units.

#5 They are legit lah

When you are dealing with a REN, they have a tag. They have an agency behind them. These are people who wants to make real estate industry their industry yeah. We just want to sell / rent our property, get someone legit to do it lah. Saving on commission is really not worth all the potential trouble lah. Okay, are there bad RENs? Of course. However, if someone wants to earn my respect and money and wants to be a real estate negotiator, then do it properly yeah. Stop telling me any other stories.

#6 I save time and effort

When there’s any issue with the condos (yes… I love condos), I just call my REN and he would attend to it. When there are any viewings etc, I do not even need to be there. I believe my REN is able to filter out the bad ones and only accept the qualified ones. Thus far,this has always been the case and I am happy to also say that if we want their best service, just give them exclusivity lah. My REN even ensures my units are cleaned and be ready for the next tenant too.

#7 They are humans, like us.

After I moved to the Greater KL, my friend asked me how am I going to sell my properties in Penang. Would I be using any free online advertisements? I told him that I am using the services of a REN. She remarked that if I do that, I would need to pay agent’s fee. I replied gladly, yes if they sell for me, I would pay selling fee.

I can write very well but if someone asked me to write to them for free, that’s the end of our friendship. (unless they are very good friends).

Be good to people. They will be good to us too.

#8 This is all about money!

If you treat your RENs well, they would think of you first when there are good opportunities. Some would simply offer you anything but the good ones especially those who has helped you over the years, they will give you just the good ones because they want to continue to have this relationship with you. This is why the right REN is all about money. Good money for him / her and amazing money related opportunities for you.

Happy deciding.

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