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Reasons, Numbers and Potential from my latest Melaka visit

I visited my favourite Melaka again just two weeks ago. Stayed in Queenspark Hotel in Melaka Raya which I think gave me the best value thus far even if it is not within walking distance to Jonker’s Walk like my last trip many months back. Driving around was easy though and from my hotel, it was like just one road away to the biggest development envisioned for Melaka; Melaka Gateway. I think one advantage for Melaka Gateway would be the very good location; it’s near to everywhere including inter-connected departmental stores, hospital and all the famous tourist attractions. Now, for some real numbers and why I love Melaka.
Tourism numbers. In 2013, 13.5 million tourists visited Melaka. This is despite the fact that the Melaka international airport is open but not really utilized, yet. In comparison, Penang international airport was used by 5.5 million in 2013. However, once we compare the tourist numbers, Melaka is many times ahead of Penang. For 2014, Penang is targeting to hit 5.5 million visitors while Melaka’s target is 15 million. Tourism is a very important industry to the local industry, especially Melaka. Just look at the number of malls it has and all the parking slots in these malls are always full. Take a look at the number of hotels available in Melaka. For the more branded ones, it’s always full during holiday season. One good thing is that due to the continuous new supply of hotels, especially the more budget ones it has ensured that prices continue to be low.
Accessibility. I have personally experienced a 4 hour jam on the highway from Melaka back to Kuala Lumpur. Fortunately, this was only once even though I visited Melaka once every year for the past few years. Melaka city is accessible by many cities, smaller towns and even Singapore. Total distance is just 232km. This meant that as long as speed limits are adhered to; 110km per hour, the Singaporean driver will arrive in Melaka in between 2.5 – 3 hours. From KL, it is a mere 136 km away. In other words, instead of the usual 1 hour traffic jam over 20km everyday during weekday, I can arrive in a UNESCO Heritage City in 1.5 hours and start eating my favourite nyonya assam fish, followed by a bowl of the Gula Melaka Cendol. That is what life is all about.
Food Diversity. I have one requirement for all the places I love. It must have great food diversity. In terms of food diversity, Melaka is on par with Ipoh. As for Ipoh, I will tell more next time. For Melaka, my favourite includes but not limited to Nyonya dishes, Chicken Rice Balls, Portuguese fare, Gula Melaka Cendol, pineapple tarts and many more. One major reason is because Melaka has been a melting pot of many different food cultures since its beginning hundreds of years ago. In my recent trip just two weeks ago, I had a very good lunch at Bei Zhan, a famous Chinese restaurant which is not to be missed as well.
the rivieraOpportunity. I like Melaka because there are still lots of opportunities, especially in real estate; property. The most recent one was Malacca Gateway. You may read a short article about it here. Malacca Gateway. Before all of us get carried away and simply buy everything, do note that for Melaka, the development has been continuous and it has started to really shine only within these past few years. Where can you buy? Well, anywhere which is within 10 minutes from city centre would be a very good choice. Of course, if Malacca Gateway really starts, then you may also buy new developments nearby it too. As long as Malacca Gateway happens, anything nearby would also benefit.
Speaking about potential opportunity, there are many new developments in Melaka which are of good potential as long as it has the right location, the right concept and a very responsible developer. I said responsible because I would like developers to be very serious in what they do, especially if the MD is well versed with every aspect of the development. That would give me extra confidence in buying the project. Let’s be real. These days, many developers just want to maximise the highest profit possible. I am not against this but the developers must do a good job. Then, the buyers would also benefit too. I visited this project in my last trip to Melaka. If it meets your investment expectations too, do submit your Inquiry or contact the developer directly.
I would love to visit Melaka again. Perhaps not during those major holidays but one of those weekends when I feel like having great food as well as to relax and just taking it slow with a walk along the river of Melaka. I think in my next trip, I would look for friends there and force them to treat me to a cup of the best Melaka coffee.
written on 28 July 2014
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