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Property Investment 101: Home Loan Calculator and Comparison

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Property Investment 101: Home Loan Calculator and Comparison

Which site offer home loan calculator?

There are many sites offering the calculation. I think this one by (click here to go there) is straightforward and simple to use and refer. Do take a look at below:

I keyed in RM500,000 as the property price. I put in margin of finance as 90%. Of course I would love for it to be even higher. If it’s for my own loan, then the margin will drop to 70% as this is the guideline from Bank Negara Malaysia for anyone buying the 3rd property onwards.

Tenure is 30 years. This is for all the young people out there. I am 46 years old this year and can only quality ofr 24 years for the loan I think. Meanwhile the interest, I put 3.85% which I think should be around this number for now. Today it’s 17th March 2023. In case you are reading this article many months later, so you know why the rate then is different from the rate I entered today.

The Monthly Installment is RM2,109.64

Comparing the overall home loan repayment and other details?

If you see in the image above, you just need to click the “View Interest Rate” button in order to see how are banks compared to one another. It’s very friendly. Just need to note that loanstreet may not necessary have all the banks in the whole Malaysia yeah. They may have a lot of these banks. So, I also tried to click it and found a long list of results. For an easier reference, I just cut and paste two of the major banks in Malaysia.

These two banks include the bank which I applied for my very first credit card; Maybank and the bank which managed to convince me to be their Preferred customer probably over 10 years ago when I was still based in Penang; CIMB. I have been based in the Klang Valley for the last 9 years. Yes, I love Klang Valley a lot. My daughter was born in Penang and my son was born here.

Home Loan Calculator: CIMB vs Maybank?

I have home loans with both these banks. I am a CIMB Preferred customer for many years, so you know which bank I prefer more. Haha. Sorry, no links within this article to sign up anything with CIMB bank yeah. This article is not a sponsored article. Hopefully one of their top management may be interested to engage after they see this informational article.

The Top 2 largest banks in Malaysia returns the below results. Compared side by side, the monthly repayment is the same, the rate they charge is the same but the maximum margin that we will get from CIMB is higher than Maybank. There is one downside though, the Lock-In period for CIMB is 5 years versus Maybank which is 3 years.

Lock-In period is the time which you are not allowed to sell your house or you will be be given a penalty. Thus, the shorter the better if you are not so certain about what you intend to do with the property. Meanwhile if it’s going to be a home sweet home for a long time, then of course a higher financing % is better yeah. Just stretch it for lower repayment.

Here is the home loan calculator site again:

Happy using and choosing.

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