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MM2H review? Sure, agree. Please resume processing current applications in the mean time.

MM2H programme is under review. I wrote about this earlier: MM2H is frozen. Oh dear, what’s up this time. MM2H attracts people who prefers to think of Malaysia as a second home and when they are here, they are also helping the economy here instead of spending their money in their country of origin. Yes, of course there are some hiccups but generally I think those who took up programme this are good people who just prefer a year long summer and a country full of sun, sea and well food which are tasty. What more to ask for when even our medical facilities and personnel are world class?

Article in With the MM2H programme being under review, the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) Malaysia Chapter President Michael Geh hoped that the MM2H programme could be resumed and start accepting applications from expatriates again. He said, “I fully understand the Federal government’s concerns which would want to review the MM2H programme, especially due to the global pandemic (COVID-19), but suspending the programme for six months could lead to a detrimental impact on the country’s economy.”

He added, “Our potential expatriates would think that we are giving them the “cold shoulder” treatment and begin to lose interest in moving to our country, especially due to the high rejection rate of MM2H applications (between September and November last year). We would also lose the competition between our neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Thailand because if Malaysia does not welcome them (expatriates), they will very likely move into either two of these countries instead.” Please read his full comments here: Article in

Well, I think I am neutral enough since I am not a MM2H agency and I am not in any way earning any commission from MM2H applications. MM2H is a good programme. Kudos to the team who first thought of this in 2002, 28 years ago. Review it if we must but let’s not have a sudden stop because abrupt stops in policies are never good in the eyes of investors or even these older folks who just wanted an awesome country to be an Enjoyee. (read here for what’s an enjoyee) Let’s do everything we could to help the Malaysian economy recover faster yeah.

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