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MM2H News: Welcome to Malaysia, 8 reasons here

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MM2H News: Welcome to Malaysia, 8 reasons here

Few things to inform first

By the way, I do not own any MM2H agency helping you to apply. I also have no intention to start up one as well. Yes, I have friends with MM2H agencies but there are no mention of any names, there are also no links in this whole article linking to any MM2H agency. This article is also not sponsored by any MM2H agencies too. I am writing because I think it’s the right thing to do since there are so many ‘awesome’ countries out there which are said to be a better choice than Malaysia.

Well, if they can beat all the 8 things I shared below and you love them, do apply to their programme yeah. Just need to remember to occasionally fly to Malaysia too and enjoy all that we have to offer. Like flying here once every month? Haha. Happy reading.

#1 – Malaysia, truly Asia and well, melting pot for the world too

Every time I am asked what’s my favourite food here in Malaysia, I have to inform them that it’s hard to identify just one because I crave for Nasi Lemak, I adore the Roasted Chicken Rice (and roasted pork too) and I will always say yes to any Indian curry (with the blend of spices). These are not all, I love Mamak Mee Goreng, Rojak Pasembor, Laksa (regardless of state), Char Koay Teow, Dry Curry Mee (has to be Ipoh), Kuih Talam, Ayam Masak Merah, Pong Teh Chicken (with sambal) and the list is never ending. Beyond just Malaysian food, one could have Japanese, Korean, Australian (yes, that Apple Strudel…), American (Chilli’s American food,right?), British (Fish and Chips lah), Thai (padthai, tomyam, everything else…) and as usual, the list has no ends. This is the Malaysia food scene. Everyone will forever be spoilt for choice yeah.

#2 – Politically unstable is totally b#@#$#@

Malaysia had a change of government in 2018 and this was a government which has governed for 60 years. The very next day, things were normal and usual. I do not wish to even debate whether this could happen in some advanced or developed countries if their current government loses in election. You can google for some of those news yeah.

So, do come here, feel secure and just note that Malaysians love everyone. Except of course some troublemakers who just want to stir up issues just because their beliefs / perspectives are different from ours. On a yearly basis, Malaysia receives over 26 million foreign visitors in 2019, before the pandemic came and we should be back to this number in 2024. (This is my wish). The number could be higher and it should be.

#3 – Beaches? Islands? The Sea and more?

Do not know where to start and do not know where to end or even how to rank because even if you were to visit just ONE (1) beach per week, one year later you may still have some beaches you have yet to visit yeah. Just take a look at the map of Malaysia. One side is Peninsular Malaysia… means water all around . Another side is Borneo side and the sea facing it would be the vast South China Sea. Hope you understand why Malaysia is second to none when it comes to beaches. Below are just three of them.


#4 – Shopping? Saving? Haha. You are at the right place

Whether it’s the luxury brands you are after or the local brands which has established themselves over many years, Malaysia has them all. Whether it’s the super huge malls with never ending choices or the regional malls serving a few surrounding areas or even the iconic ones, Malaysia has them all. Yes, we have Premium Outlets too where choices are aplenty but of course those are not from the latest season.

Hey, even the value for money supermarkets are also available too. So that you can continue to maximise your money instead of only having to buy from just the higher end supermarkets too. Typical supermarket in-house brands can be cheaper than the international brands substantially! Choose the one you love more.

#5 – Arts? Music? Culture? Enjoy as many as you like

It’s a thriving scene with many choices.


#6 – Affordability is Guaranteed

Until today, regardless of what people say, just walk to nearby stalls for your favourite pack of nasi lemak and it’s still going to be easily less than RM2.50. Order a glass of black coffee and you have a good meal for less than RM4.50 (US$0.94 cents ).

Alternatively, walk to any typical local restaurant and order a roti canai (some places outside Malaysia calls it pratha), dip it into the dhall curry and also a glass of teh tarik (pulled ceylon tea with milk) and it’s a good wow meal for a few hours for even less than RM4 (US$0.84 cents)

Prefer a more proper setting of a restaurant with air-condition? U can also order a rice meal in typical cozy restaurant, top it up with a fried chicken and a drink and it could come to RM15-18 too. (US$3 – US$3.77).

Renting a good condominium with facilities will start from just RM2,000 or more per month, depending on locations and also how fully furnished you like the place to be. The rental can be double or triple if you want as well. In other words, choices are aplenty based on your budget.


#7 – Have REAL convenience

People love to equate convenience with just the public transport. If you are staying here under MM2H, let me offer to you a suggestion for real convenience yeah.

Do not do this please. I assume you rented a place just 5 minutes from the nearest train station. Walk to nearest train station (5 mins), wait for train (3 mins), stand on the train until you arrive destination (15 mins), walk to the supermarket to do your shopping (don’t buy too much, else it’s too heavy) (5 mins), walk back to the station with a few kg of groceries (5 mins), wait for train (3 mins), stand inside train with your groceries (15 mins), walk back to your home from the train station with a few kg of groceries (5 mins). This is convenience? Ahem… Let’s not talk about buying groceries beyond 5kg…. or even during rainy seasons or hazy and sunny days yeah.

I know some will say, can also GRAB mah when you are going to buy lots of groceries and stuffs. Noted and thanks. Just need to try and GRAB during rainy days… or during peak times… or if your area is not really that popular…

I suggest you to buy a proper new car. (Can even be a secondhand car too) Choices can be a Perodua Axia which is easy to drive or a Proton Saga which is better to drive. Prices as below. (Source:

Once you have your own car, drive to any place you like. Park conveniently, buy as much groceries as you like. Go out anytime you like whether it’s sunny or rainy or hazy. Turn on the aircon, sit comfortably, listen to your favourite music. Yes, and you can pick up your good friends to go together with you as well.

By the way, after getting a car, you can still occasionally go and enjoy the ‘convenience’ of taking public transport too.

#8 Malaysia is super connected to the world too

Head on to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA 1 or 2) and you could travel to any other places you love to go for holidays. KLIA handles more than 1 million passengers per month. In other words, you can stay in Malaysia and yet still be connected to the world. KLIA is served by 60 passenger airliners. (Source here) KLIA is Asia’s 13th busiest airport (as at August 2023). Jakarta is 7th busiest and Singapore is 14th busiest and Bangkok is 18th. Info Source here.

Lots more reasons but it’s okay. Decision is yours.

Usually people will mention also the fact that we have no natural disasters like earthquakes, typhoons etc but I think the above is good enough.

I can also share that if you prefer to continue your tertiary studies, you could gain a Malaysian, British, Australian qualifications right within Malaysia too. All these top ranked institutions are already in Malaysia for a very long time.

I have not touched on UNESCO Heritage recognitions yet. We have Lenggong Valley which is an Archaeological Heritage. Also Georgetown and Melaka the two historic cities. Gunung Mulu National Park. Kinabalu Park.

Never ending lah. However, as long as there are other places offering way better option, please do go there and enjoy. Everyone deserves to have their say, act their way and no need to always be limited to just one choice. The world is a big place. Thank you for reading and if you think this a good article, please do share with your friends too.

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