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MM2H News: Which state in Malaysia has approved over 700 applications in 2023?

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MM2H News: Which state in Malaysia has approved over 700 applications in 2023?

I think all Malaysian states have something to offer

Someone asked me if I would stay in KL after I have stopped working (as soon as my children are in the university). I said we should never confine ourself to just one place. After we have stopped working, that’s the time to start travelling. Perhaps a week in KL, then a week in Cameron Highlands, then a week in Penang and even a week in Kuching followed by a week in Sandakan.

Overseas travel is certain too but I do not think I have enough to say one week in Sydney, then one week in Hong Kong, then one week in Taipei and after that one week in Tokyo. I wonder how long before I run out of money if the travel is to a different country every week. Haha. We shall see. Anyway, Kuching in Sarawak seems to be a popular destination for MM2H.

Article in Founder and CEO of Juwai IQI Co, Kashif Ansari said that Malaysia remains one of the favourite destinations in South East Asia for the MM2H program and this includes MM2H in Sarawak.

He said that since the renewal of the MM2H programme at the end of 2021, it has received 2,164 applications and the approval was given to 88 percent of all the applications.

He shared that Sarawak has approved 700 thus far in 2023. In comparison to just 21 approvals in 2021, the numbers in 2023 is a growth of 3,200 percent.

He shared that there is a difference in the requirements for Sarawak versus the federal government’s. The bank deposit is RM150,000 versus RM1,000,000 for the federal government’s programme.

Besides this, the annual salary requirement for Sarawak is RM84,000 while for the federal programme, it’s RM480,000 per year.

He shared that there are other countries competing against MM2H and Sarawak-MM2H. They include Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines too. For full article, please read it here: Article in

I love Kuching in Sarawak too and hopes to buy a property there in the near future too

I used to visit Kuching nearly yearly before Covid-19 pandemic arrived. I think I will visit Kuching next year. I could not stop eating the Sarawak Laksa and Kolo Mee every time I am there. I also think Kuching is clean, it is the centre to so many other attractions and there’s sufficient excitement for anyone who’s living there. Let’s not debate on whether it has more night life than Kuala Lumpur (which definitely cannot beat Bangkok) but perhaps on all the great things one could do over there. Happy deciding.

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